Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Handling "Cell broadcast Services" (Android).

Cell Broadcast Example (Source: Internet)
At times when we were not familiar with Smartphone, our most beloved Nokia comes us with a feature called cell broadcast. This feature allowed us to know the near by location of cellular towers. At that time this service was very much limited to the location services. It was a seriously helpful feature specially when you are travelling or you need to know the area. Over period of time as the industry evolved, comes an era of Smartphone. Mobile network operator had saw this as an opportunity and started to use this as mode of pushing advertisement to the user. This has become really annoying to users like us where at every 5-10 second you received at least 5-6 advertisement and that too are not at all relevant to you. IN some countries it is an important service and used as a platform to share important notification like weather information, EarthQuake notification. Symbian OS (used in Nokia phones) used to handle this up to the mark whereas Android phone are not well designed to handle it. This feature is specially too much annoying in HTC. Now let me explain this in details how did i encountered it and handled to get away from it.

How did it started: My wife used to have a Samsung phone and never encountered this cell broadcasting services before. Recently she switched to HTC one. One day her brother got a new phone and he used her SIM card to check if everything is working fine. God know what happened and this service got started. Since then her HTC started to receive this service so frequently that she was not even able to dial a number. Magically, whenever we use any other cellphone we didnt face this problem. Any technical problem she faces turn to be my nightmare. So started to looking for solution on how to resolve it.

Experiments I've tried: 
Option to remove CBS
1. First thing anyone will is try to search for same option on the phone. I got option to disable the cell broadcasting service. i did it but it simply didn't worked. Tried enabling disabling and what not.

2. Cell broadcast services are sent through a channel. Mostly it is channel 50, 55 and 60. HTC one had option to disable or block these channels. I' tried doing same too but no success with even this too.

3. When you don't have any option, the last choice you have is to format the phone and see if you have any luck. Backed Up the phone, and formatted with dire hope to not listen to scary taunt. Wow and the result was nil. The problem which i resist still persist.

4. Some how a thought came to my mind, and i tried to disable it through old Nokia phone. Got the Nokia phone of her brother and disabled the option but still no luck.

5. Called the useless customer care. First two three time i've tried to explain what is cell broadcasting service. They said we do not have any such services enables from our side. They even gave me no. through which i can see what all services are enabled on my SIM. Using that SSID, it was clear to me that i did not have any service enabled from operator side. 

Solution That worked for me:

Now i was completely lost and had no option to try. One night i was sitting with phone and thought why not try play store and see if they have any app which can do this favour to me. My God it was like a revelation to me. I did and search return me ample of option to choose from.

I installed the first option and it was "Cell Broadcast Display by DigiTATA" application. the moment it was installed all broadcast service started to come into the widget without any annoying pop up. It felt like i have solved the Big bang mystery. The app managed it beautiful and only show all massaged into widget without interrupting my work. Having said, one thing still keeps me annoyed and that was constant notification on "Notification center". This problem was simple to solve, Went to setting > App Setting> App> And disable the notification of that app and gotcha. Everything was back to Normal. I cant see any cell broadcast now. Everything is coming in background without interrupting our operation.

Thanks to the Application It saved my life.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's happening, am i Dreaming

How to define it!!! 
Is it just getting together with someone who will become an inseparable part of your life, or a girl who will fill the part of your life which would have never been completed without her!! A girl who will share each and every moment you will experience day in and out whether its happiness or sorrow. A glittering smile on her face will make you forget all stress you had. It wont be anymore my personal life it will become OUR personal life, and it means the happiness you will acquire will be doubled whereas the sorrows will be eliminated by an unconditional support you would have just expected from only your parents. In coming days i will be with the one whom i have desired more than anything. Well to be more precise my desire was not the girl but the desirable attribute she carries with her. When i thought about the girl i will marry, i never imagined how she would look like but always dreamed of scarce attributes not easily found today. From past 2.5 half year she was there in my knowledge but i never gave even a single thought that she will become the one. Friends & colleagues used to tease me about talking to her and convey my message to her which i have never uttered, Greet her on my behalf which i would have never done without breaking ice with her. An instance also came to my knowledge later that her friend who didn't even know me, told her about me and addressed me with the name “Ataullah Khan”. I heard and ROFL. Thanks to Vimal and Anup, i guess that was the first time when she did heard about me. Prior to that she did'nt even knew that i existed in NECHCL as i had never stayed in india after my joining in 2008 and also i didn't knew about her except her name. The day 14 July 2008, i Joined NEC HCL and there she was standing with her friends near pantry area. I did not noticed anyone except her.  Something was so unique about her that drew my attention , Yes my friends it was her attire that has attracted me like anything. A Girl with Hijab and Abaya (A loosely knitted dress muslim girls wear above the usual dress to cover herself) in IT industry that too in Noida. I did said to my friend, that would be a lucky person who will marry her. He said, she is very disciplined on prayer, and followed islamic ways and my response was i want to marry a girl like her who at least would make me follow the same. I follow islamic ways but in bits and pieces and never continue for long time. My intention was to always be with the one who would insists me to follow the righteous path. I knew she is the one who will make me do this. Time goes on and finally a day came when my parent talked to her parents (There is a very long and interesting story behind this, some know precisely what happened and happy with the consequence and some make their own story or Gossip and happy with that which i even don't care because i am very very happy) and with Allah's blessing they both agreed that we should be together in future as a married couple. In real life you cant get what all you dream of. Thats true for me. I did not get everything i wanted but more than what i can expect.After almost 4 year when i saw her and expressed my feeling to marry a girl like her, who knew that Allah will give me the same girl to marry whom i was referring. With prayer and blessing of all my well wishers and one very very special friend i will inshaAllah marry her on 14 July 2012.

I want all my friend to bless us as they used to do.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mussoorie, Dehradun, Haridwar & Memories

Since i came back from Japan, i was stucked in the routine work, same place, same city same fun. More over to this most of my personal time was killed by a non-enjoyable activity, searching for a home in Noida. Nevertheless, finally as i say a true struggle always has a fruit associated with it. I am in a good house. Ok, Now speaking of out of the routine activity, last 15 days of March was pretty amazing for me. I got the required time to spent at home with my family, enjoying Quarterly party of team at Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon. But everything was good until i got chance to visit a beautiful state of India, Uttarakhand and all of a sudden things became fantastic. How i got into it, interesting story, let me tell in detail. 

1. How i got into it: Well thanks to Neha friend of my umm umm and my umm umm (Guys i am referring my mohtarma with umm umm :) ). I am associated with their team. The team was planning for a trip to some hill station, The place was not decided yet. Neha invited me and i said why not lets goooo. I was OK with all options unless it is a hill station. They discussed many places but finally came to conclusion to visit Kanatal in mussoorie as a main attraction. This was an official trip.

2. Challenges and Obstructions: Unfortunately March is end of quarter and also end of financial year too. Most of the teams in the organization were planning to utilize the budget allocated to them for team party. My team was also planning so. But we were having many constraints and so we were sure that we can not go out of station. So unanimously we decided to go to Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon on thursday. At the same time the previous team has also decided to move to Kanatal on thursday night. Now the problem begins. If they go on thursday, How i will join them. I had many official commitments on Friday, my trip to kingdom of dreams will finish on thursday night 10:30 and they will move on 11:30. Finally i explained them about situation and said sorry to Neha and mohtarma. But stubborn Neha (Yes you are :) ) was not getting convinced and in fact many credit of my visit goes to her only. She calculated all permutation and combination and said talk to him, talk to them, you have to come and so on. At the same time my mohtarma was sad and she said she wont go alone, Now i was on War :). So i started calling and convincing the relavant stakeholder. I had to cancel all meetings and apply for leave. Thanks to my manager and other project manager for supporting me, with gods grace they got agree.

3. Struggle to catch the bus: Trip to kingdom of dreams was not getting so exciting until we get to see the Show Zangoora. It was fantastic. I was watching the show with the hope that i will get the cab back to the Noida from where i had to catch the bus. Everything was going well, during the show we talked to the driver and he said he will be there by 10:00 so we were chilaxed. In the meantime Neha also called to confirm and i said yes, i will reach there on time as everything was going as per plan. As the show got ends my struggle started.

10:20 PM: Driver, sir we will reach there within 15 Minute.
10:40 PM: Driver, sir we will reach there within 15 Minute.
10:50 PM: Driver, sir we will reach there within 15 Minute.
Damn when your 15 minute will be over. It will take almost 40 Minute to reach to Noida from Gurgaon, that too in absence of traffic. Again call from Mohtarma, Neha, Pankaj, Rajesh and so on......I was getting frustrated as they were waiting for me and only me. Rest of the people had already reached there (As i know except one or two).
11:15 PM: Lost all patience and thinking wether i should go or not. I Didn't want people to wait for me and spoil there plan. Again discussion with Driver and he was not able to find us in Gurgaon. The whole team of mine was going through frustration and anger.
11:30 PM: Finally cab reached to us. Now it was time of rash driving :( . Finally i reached to Bus on 12:15 PM. Made public apology in bus and then we started the Journey to Queen of alps, Mussoorie.

4. Funawesome Journey: I've never been to such trip. It was my first time. everything was full of fun and awesomeness. Games, Chatting, Teasing, Dancing, Singing lots more and all in the moving bus. I haven't met many people before who was in this trip but at any point of time i never realized that. Everyone was very friendly & cherishing. We did small trekking (Actually very small like nothing), rappelling, mountaineering and many more activities. I got a chance to picture star trailing in Kanatal (You can see this on my Page) . Thanks to people for staying with me in that very chilli night for this shoot. On our way back to Noida, we stepped in Kempty fall, Mussoorie, Lacche wala, Dehradun and Haridwar. Everything was so awesome.

Thanks to all my friends, Specially Neha and my Mohtarma for making this trip so memorable.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My bike to rule the Indian road - FZ-16

For a bachelor, ofcourse there is nothing more enticing than riding his own bike. While coming back to India from Japan, I had a wish and that wish was to own a bike. I have never been attracted by a 4 wheeler than two wheeler and why is so, here are the reasons -
  • 4 wheelers will limit your freedom to free ride,
  • You cant free wheel 4 wheelers the way you can do with 2 wheelers. (Even if i cant do it but what is the harm in identifying the cause. hehe)
  • You can beat Noida traffic easily by bike
  • Bike will let you feel the outside pleasant weather (I love long drive in cloudy pleasant weather) better than 4 wheeler,
  • Rising petrol price is the big issue for a person like me
  • I dont have to worry about parking a lot
There are many more reasons and most of the above is just joke. Anyways how did i decide and get the bike, long and interesting story (Some part is confidential). I had some predefined criteria of bike. the bike should be around 150 CC, mileage 40 and above, stylish, comfortable and not too costly. Bajaj Pulsar was the perfect choice for me. I already drove it for almost 2 years during my collage time in lucknow. Thanks to Tariq and Arvind, my two Jhakass room mates. I know the whole history of pulsar. The way bajaj has evolved it from a simple 150 bike to india's most desired bike. Last 3.5 years has changed the indian bike market significantly. Earlier it used to be pulsar dominant, but now there are some successful players who was on the verge of becoming history (Except LML, they are still a history). I walked through some showrooms just for fun as my definite plan was to grab pulsar 150. To my surprise, Yamaha has done an amazing work over these three years. They got some amazing good looking bikes. A whole new look, totally unconventional and damn sexy design. Now my mind start floating around, the question was what to choose. Now there was only one way for me to make a decision, call my uncle. I thought he will never be agree for Yamaha but astonishingly his first word was "Go for Yamaha". I got what i wanted. At home we got almost all successful brands (Some we posses and some we got rid of). My favorite was Yamaha RX-100 and now TVS- Apache. I dont know where is my  RX-100 now, Thanks to my dost Sachin. Now, i was just a step away from my dream to become a reality, Acquiring Yamaha. There was many bikes in 150 CC segment including R15. Yamaha has innovatively developed the scaled down version of its two most renowned brand R-1 and FZ-1 to R-15 and FZ-S respectively. R-15 is too bulky to be handled by me whereas FZ-S is quite impressive. I like its widest radial tyre and naked looks (I got the same exact color as it appears in the picture above). With lot off struggle and introducing trouble to many people finally i got the Yamaha FZ-S around 10:30 PM IST. Special thanks to Yamaha sales man, My friend Tariq and My Sweet FiancĂ©e. I am driving it a lot since i bought it. So far i like my bike, i am being a bit cautious as it is my first bike and also Yamaha guys suggested to ride it in civilized manner before it's first service :). I am just waiting for first service to make it fly on greater Noida expressway

Friday, July 22, 2011

The game is to fill the frame

An example of shooting the beautiful nature, human feelings and emotion.
This is my very first blog on photography. My topmost hobby in which i am still far behind the standard. So when did all these started? Actually i don't remember it but with a vague memory i can tell you that once upon a time when i was a kid and when i say kid it means i was may be in 7th or 8th standard. I was going for some picnic or something and my father knew that i am fascinated by this little black mechanical device called camera. But he was not sure whether i can handle those expensive camera or not (We have lot of camera almost all generations). So he brought me a really entry level film camera, a Kodak one. In which you just insert the film and boom, its ready to shoot. Then later we got film SLR (manufactured by Vivitar) but surprisingly i did not like the quality of the picture and hence never used it after the first attempt. But it did served the purpose of Zooming in. Damn it is still in our almirah lying with Polaroid, Yashika, Kodak and Sony. Then came the era of Digital camera. The first one to hold was none other than Nikon coolpix. It was impressive indeed. When i took the picture of my sister i said what an amazing quality. At that time i did not know it is the effect of DOF but the composition was pretty impressive. But it was worse in night shoot. Now it was my time to loose the wallet to buy the camera. Being truthful to myself i spent more than average on a point and shoot and each and every shot was worth it.Thanks to My friend Sumit Sinha. He has the same camera. I carried it for more than 1.5 years and it is still being used at my home with surprisingly amazing results. Now my interest in photography and of course others appreciation took me to next level. After watching for almost an year finally i've got engaged with the Nikon D90 (A camera which made histories in photographers world). Over a period of time i learned a little bit of photography even though i am still struggling with the setting up the technical aspect of camera for getting a better picture as per the composition. So i am explaining a little bit of my Journey so far to know what makes a photo look jaw dropping.
  1. It's all about the composition: A better picture is always about what you can see and others don't. Look for composition. Think what you want your photograph to speak? What is in your mind which you want to capture? If you don't have a good composition and it is in your hand to create it, do so. Look for the drama like cloudy sky and its shaded. Try to avoid the noise. e.g. you are shooting a seascape and there is a one person walking or standing in the middle. If he is not fitting in the composition then it will be treated as a noise. wait for him to go away. One thing I've noticed a lot, when there are two people who think of composition before taking picture there shot will never ever be identical and both will come up with very good picture from the very same scene. In my case i see images everywhere and before shooting i think what i want this image to speak. Some time i am open but most of the time i am too shy to trigger the shutter. Which is in fact not a good attribute of a photographer. "The game is to fill the frame" indeed a very good line from an article. ( I am thinking of writing a separate article on composition tricks)
  2. An angle will make your photo look different : Just clicking the shutter is not important. lay down on the ground, climb up to the chair, keep your self at the level of subject, go behind, i don't know what all you should do but choose the angle which represent a complete different aspect of composition. Angle it very important. Don't just shoot until unless you are on the verge of losing the shot. If you have time choose a good angle or plan the angle. The moment you get your desire composition click it, that's how wildlife photographers do.
  3. Keep your camera perfectly straight and aligned during scape shot: Many times you will observe that people is shooting landscape, seascape and photo is tilted. Woo this is worst composition. No one want to see a tilted sea, mountain or just in case the subject which is straight. It will just make your photo look awesomely boring and never ever assume that you can straighten this in tool. Tool will drastically take away the photo sharpness and make it more worse.
  4. Light is the life of the photo: It is true that light is life of the photo. If you think a good photograph can be taken only on day time or full of lights, you are completely wrong. The lights in photo can be shadows, reflections, moon lights depending upon the scene. The best time for out door shooting is around sun rise and sun set. During that time you have a truly dramatic colorful sky and the light is not too harsh. I got a photo during sunset and the sky was layered with light brown, blue and yellow color. It was so amazing. Use your flash intelligently even in the day, Surprised, using flash in the day can give altogether a different exposure to your composition. Do not use full flash always. It will make your photo look flat. Decrease or increase the timing of flash compared to the shutter speed depending upon the scene.
  5. Know your camera: It is a myth that only DSLR can take good photo. Sometime even the point and shoot can give you an extraordinary results. Know your camera limitation otherwise you will be frustrated and tired of saying my camera can not take good quality pictures. Know how to set the camera for different composition and situations.Use slow or high shutter speed, small or medium aperture with optimized ISO. These are the three triangle to shoot what you want.
  6. Small Editing will add lot of flavour: Never think that you can take good picture in you camera only and you don't need any post processing. Even the pro photographer use to spend hours in processing their shot. A small editing like sharpening  tweaking the white balance and saturation will make your photo beyond what you shot in camera. That is why i always shoot in RAW.
  7. Use Stable platform for slow shutter speed: Humans are not made of metal with fixtures to stabilise themselves and keep it in same state until they want, not at all. Up to certain shutter speed with certain techniques we can stabilise our camera but do not expect too much from yourself. Even you wont notice it in camera screen but at the end you will loose the sharpness of the picture. Use table, wall, tree anything if you don't have the tripod (Choose your tripod wisely). If you are using tripod don't miss to use remote shutter release button or auto timing function. Never think that you have the fastest camera and you don't need a tripod. Unfortunately this will be the biggest joke of your life.
  8. Choose lens which supports your imagination: I know that it is kind of expensive affair but it is important. When i bought my Nikon D90, i choose the best lens available with the camera i.e 18-200 MM F/3.5-5.6 VR lens. It was perfect for me. A lens that can be used as a wide angle as well as telephoto lens. But over a period of time i realised that it is not sufficient for me. Because i like macro photography and bokeh. So at least buy which we can afford. So may be i will go for 35 MM F/1.8 or 50MM F/1.8 whichever i can afford. You see, all these money are worth of each photograph when you will see it later on computer screen and say WOW. That is the photography. Note: Never forget to use hood given with the lens they are required to filter the light falling on your lens which can add additional unwanted lights on you picture.
Conclusion:  Be imaginative, have the tools that support your imagination and know their boundaries. Enjoy Photography.

My Photography Tools : Nikon D90 Body, 18mm-200mm Nikkor VR lens and hood, 16 GB SD card, Slik 1703 carbon fibre tripod, Kenko Shutter release button.