Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's happening, am i Dreaming

How to define it!!! 
Is it just getting together with someone who will become an inseparable part of your life, or a girl who will fill the part of your life which would have never been completed without her!! A girl who will share each and every moment you will experience day in and out whether its happiness or sorrow. A glittering smile on her face will make you forget all stress you had. It wont be anymore my personal life it will become OUR personal life, and it means the happiness you will acquire will be doubled whereas the sorrows will be eliminated by an unconditional support you would have just expected from only your parents. In coming days i will be with the one whom i have desired more than anything. Well to be more precise my desire was not the girl but the desirable attribute she carries with her. When i thought about the girl i will marry, i never imagined how she would look like but always dreamed of scarce attributes not easily found today. From past 2.5 half year she was there in my knowledge but i never gave even a single thought that she will become the one. Friends & colleagues used to tease me about talking to her and convey my message to her which i have never uttered, Greet her on my behalf which i would have never done without breaking ice with her. An instance also came to my knowledge later that her friend who didn't even know me, told her about me and addressed me with the name “Ataullah Khan”. I heard and ROFL. Thanks to Vimal and Anup, i guess that was the first time when she did heard about me. Prior to that she did'nt even knew that i existed in NECHCL as i had never stayed in india after my joining in 2008 and also i didn't knew about her except her name. The day 14 July 2008, i Joined NEC HCL and there she was standing with her friends near pantry area. I did not noticed anyone except her.  Something was so unique about her that drew my attention , Yes my friends it was her attire that has attracted me like anything. A Girl with Hijab and Abaya (A loosely knitted dress muslim girls wear above the usual dress to cover herself) in IT industry that too in Noida. I did said to my friend, that would be a lucky person who will marry her. He said, she is very disciplined on prayer, and followed islamic ways and my response was i want to marry a girl like her who at least would make me follow the same. I follow islamic ways but in bits and pieces and never continue for long time. My intention was to always be with the one who would insists me to follow the righteous path. I knew she is the one who will make me do this. Time goes on and finally a day came when my parent talked to her parents (There is a very long and interesting story behind this, some know precisely what happened and happy with the consequence and some make their own story or Gossip and happy with that which i even don't care because i am very very happy) and with Allah's blessing they both agreed that we should be together in future as a married couple. In real life you cant get what all you dream of. Thats true for me. I did not get everything i wanted but more than what i can expect.After almost 4 year when i saw her and expressed my feeling to marry a girl like her, who knew that Allah will give me the same girl to marry whom i was referring. With prayer and blessing of all my well wishers and one very very special friend i will inshaAllah marry her on 14 July 2012.

I want all my friend to bless us as they used to do.

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Unknown said...

Many Congratulations to u both! Eager to see ur wedding pics...