Sunday, November 20, 2016

A sweet time of life in absence of Wife

This article is written on a lighter note but not a single word is intended to be fictitious. Based on feedback received by  millions and counting Loving husbands.
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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I haven't started yet and the very first line will make you feel jealous like anything if you have enjoyed late night activities. To be more precise, just in case your super genius mind take you an altogether opposite side, i was referring to watching pending movies, surfing web, exploring Youtube etc.  
It is 4 AM in the morning and this doesn't mean that the day started earlier but in fact i am still continuing my night with my freed will and lack of interventions. Well this article will be clearly understood by only those who are married and before getting married have lived uber  bachelor life. Now to all married ones, does these sentence looks familiar to you
  • Go to sleep, it very late you have to wake up early in the morning even though it is like 11 in the night.
  • How many movies you want to watch you have seen like 2 movies. (Even though i know you have managed to understand it with all interruption in between)
  • Why have you married me when you want spend all your time with your laptop. (OMG,  Wife's have developed hormone to get jealous of those pity electronic instruments too. 

The Story continue and continues till the time they get something of their interest for which we husbands can die to not be part of it. History is the witness and i stand by to it, sweet wife's can make you do things which you have never thought of doing. They can get you to do the things which you would have never done in your life. We husband have always lived in the fear of Wife's and continue to live. This has been evolutionized in Husbands body. To your surprised, I have given a profound thought and came to conclusion that there are Several type of Wife's and i have tried to list them down here.

1. Putter Putter Wife: They keep talking to you until you die with your brain.
2. Self claimed  : They are the best and only husbands are the reason they are degrading their life.
3. Sherlock Holmes wife: They even know what is happening at the infinity and at the end of the day you become final victim to hear their solved mysteries.
4. Suspicious Wife: They will think each and every act of yours as a suspicion

At the end of the day, without even you realize they have been thinking all about you and how to make you happy, how to complete you day when you are back from the tiring day. They wait all day long to have some part your life where you let them feel comfortable and  desired. All they want is to love and to be loved. Become an integral part of your family to understand, improve and sustain the culture of your family, imbibe them into your next generation along with you.