Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Handling "Cell broadcast Services" (Android).

Cell Broadcast Example (Source: Internet)
At times when we were not familiar with Smartphone, our most beloved Nokia comes us with a feature called cell broadcast. This feature allowed us to know the near by location of cellular towers. At that time this service was very much limited to the location services. It was a seriously helpful feature specially when you are travelling or you need to know the area. Over period of time as the industry evolved, comes an era of Smartphone. Mobile network operator had saw this as an opportunity and started to use this as mode of pushing advertisement to the user. This has become really annoying to users like us where at every 5-10 second you received at least 5-6 advertisement and that too are not at all relevant to you. IN some countries it is an important service and used as a platform to share important notification like weather information, EarthQuake notification. Symbian OS (used in Nokia phones) used to handle this up to the mark whereas Android phone are not well designed to handle it. This feature is specially too much annoying in HTC. Now let me explain this in details how did i encountered it and handled to get away from it.

How did it started: My wife used to have a Samsung phone and never encountered this cell broadcasting services before. Recently she switched to HTC one. One day her brother got a new phone and he used her SIM card to check if everything is working fine. God know what happened and this service got started. Since then her HTC started to receive this service so frequently that she was not even able to dial a number. Magically, whenever we use any other cellphone we didnt face this problem. Any technical problem she faces turn to be my nightmare. So started to looking for solution on how to resolve it.

Experiments I've tried: 
Option to remove CBS
1. First thing anyone will is try to search for same option on the phone. I got option to disable the cell broadcasting service. i did it but it simply didn't worked. Tried enabling disabling and what not.

2. Cell broadcast services are sent through a channel. Mostly it is channel 50, 55 and 60. HTC one had option to disable or block these channels. I' tried doing same too but no success with even this too.

3. When you don't have any option, the last choice you have is to format the phone and see if you have any luck. Backed Up the phone, and formatted with dire hope to not listen to scary taunt. Wow and the result was nil. The problem which i resist still persist.

4. Some how a thought came to my mind, and i tried to disable it through old Nokia phone. Got the Nokia phone of her brother and disabled the option but still no luck.

5. Called the useless customer care. First two three time i've tried to explain what is cell broadcasting service. They said we do not have any such services enables from our side. They even gave me no. through which i can see what all services are enabled on my SIM. Using that SSID, it was clear to me that i did not have any service enabled from operator side. 

Solution That worked for me:

Now i was completely lost and had no option to try. One night i was sitting with phone and thought why not try play store and see if they have any app which can do this favour to me. My God it was like a revelation to me. I did and search return me ample of option to choose from.

I installed the first option and it was "Cell Broadcast Display by DigiTATA" application. the moment it was installed all broadcast service started to come into the widget without any annoying pop up. It felt like i have solved the Big bang mystery. The app managed it beautiful and only show all massaged into widget without interrupting my work. Having said, one thing still keeps me annoyed and that was constant notification on "Notification center". This problem was simple to solve, Went to setting > App Setting> App> And disable the notification of that app and gotcha. Everything was back to Normal. I cant see any cell broadcast now. Everything is coming in background without interrupting our operation.

Thanks to the Application It saved my life.