Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mussoorie, Dehradun, Haridwar & Memories

Since i came back from Japan, i was stucked in the routine work, same place, same city same fun. More over to this most of my personal time was killed by a non-enjoyable activity, searching for a home in Noida. Nevertheless, finally as i say a true struggle always has a fruit associated with it. I am in a good house. Ok, Now speaking of out of the routine activity, last 15 days of March was pretty amazing for me. I got the required time to spent at home with my family, enjoying Quarterly party of team at Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon. But everything was good until i got chance to visit a beautiful state of India, Uttarakhand and all of a sudden things became fantastic. How i got into it, interesting story, let me tell in detail. 

1. How i got into it: Well thanks to Neha friend of my umm umm and my umm umm (Guys i am referring my mohtarma with umm umm :) ). I am associated with their team. The team was planning for a trip to some hill station, The place was not decided yet. Neha invited me and i said why not lets goooo. I was OK with all options unless it is a hill station. They discussed many places but finally came to conclusion to visit Kanatal in mussoorie as a main attraction. This was an official trip.

2. Challenges and Obstructions: Unfortunately March is end of quarter and also end of financial year too. Most of the teams in the organization were planning to utilize the budget allocated to them for team party. My team was also planning so. But we were having many constraints and so we were sure that we can not go out of station. So unanimously we decided to go to Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon on thursday. At the same time the previous team has also decided to move to Kanatal on thursday night. Now the problem begins. If they go on thursday, How i will join them. I had many official commitments on Friday, my trip to kingdom of dreams will finish on thursday night 10:30 and they will move on 11:30. Finally i explained them about situation and said sorry to Neha and mohtarma. But stubborn Neha (Yes you are :) ) was not getting convinced and in fact many credit of my visit goes to her only. She calculated all permutation and combination and said talk to him, talk to them, you have to come and so on. At the same time my mohtarma was sad and she said she wont go alone, Now i was on War :). So i started calling and convincing the relavant stakeholder. I had to cancel all meetings and apply for leave. Thanks to my manager and other project manager for supporting me, with gods grace they got agree.

3. Struggle to catch the bus: Trip to kingdom of dreams was not getting so exciting until we get to see the Show Zangoora. It was fantastic. I was watching the show with the hope that i will get the cab back to the Noida from where i had to catch the bus. Everything was going well, during the show we talked to the driver and he said he will be there by 10:00 so we were chilaxed. In the meantime Neha also called to confirm and i said yes, i will reach there on time as everything was going as per plan. As the show got ends my struggle started.

10:20 PM: Driver, sir we will reach there within 15 Minute.
10:40 PM: Driver, sir we will reach there within 15 Minute.
10:50 PM: Driver, sir we will reach there within 15 Minute.
Damn when your 15 minute will be over. It will take almost 40 Minute to reach to Noida from Gurgaon, that too in absence of traffic. Again call from Mohtarma, Neha, Pankaj, Rajesh and so on......I was getting frustrated as they were waiting for me and only me. Rest of the people had already reached there (As i know except one or two).
11:15 PM: Lost all patience and thinking wether i should go or not. I Didn't want people to wait for me and spoil there plan. Again discussion with Driver and he was not able to find us in Gurgaon. The whole team of mine was going through frustration and anger.
11:30 PM: Finally cab reached to us. Now it was time of rash driving :( . Finally i reached to Bus on 12:15 PM. Made public apology in bus and then we started the Journey to Queen of alps, Mussoorie.

4. Funawesome Journey: I've never been to such trip. It was my first time. everything was full of fun and awesomeness. Games, Chatting, Teasing, Dancing, Singing lots more and all in the moving bus. I haven't met many people before who was in this trip but at any point of time i never realized that. Everyone was very friendly & cherishing. We did small trekking (Actually very small like nothing), rappelling, mountaineering and many more activities. I got a chance to picture star trailing in Kanatal (You can see this on my Page) . Thanks to people for staying with me in that very chilli night for this shoot. On our way back to Noida, we stepped in Kempty fall, Mussoorie, Lacche wala, Dehradun and Haridwar. Everything was so awesome.

Thanks to all my friends, Specially Neha and my Mohtarma for making this trip so memorable.