Sunday, February 12, 2012

My bike to rule the Indian road - FZ-16

For a bachelor, ofcourse there is nothing more enticing than riding his own bike. While coming back to India from Japan, I had a wish and that wish was to own a bike. I have never been attracted by a 4 wheeler than two wheeler and why is so, here are the reasons -
  • 4 wheelers will limit your freedom to free ride,
  • You cant free wheel 4 wheelers the way you can do with 2 wheelers. (Even if i cant do it but what is the harm in identifying the cause. hehe)
  • You can beat Noida traffic easily by bike
  • Bike will let you feel the outside pleasant weather (I love long drive in cloudy pleasant weather) better than 4 wheeler,
  • Rising petrol price is the big issue for a person like me
  • I dont have to worry about parking a lot
There are many more reasons and most of the above is just joke. Anyways how did i decide and get the bike, long and interesting story (Some part is confidential). I had some predefined criteria of bike. the bike should be around 150 CC, mileage 40 and above, stylish, comfortable and not too costly. Bajaj Pulsar was the perfect choice for me. I already drove it for almost 2 years during my collage time in lucknow. Thanks to Tariq and Arvind, my two Jhakass room mates. I know the whole history of pulsar. The way bajaj has evolved it from a simple 150 bike to india's most desired bike. Last 3.5 years has changed the indian bike market significantly. Earlier it used to be pulsar dominant, but now there are some successful players who was on the verge of becoming history (Except LML, they are still a history). I walked through some showrooms just for fun as my definite plan was to grab pulsar 150. To my surprise, Yamaha has done an amazing work over these three years. They got some amazing good looking bikes. A whole new look, totally unconventional and damn sexy design. Now my mind start floating around, the question was what to choose. Now there was only one way for me to make a decision, call my uncle. I thought he will never be agree for Yamaha but astonishingly his first word was "Go for Yamaha". I got what i wanted. At home we got almost all successful brands (Some we posses and some we got rid of). My favorite was Yamaha RX-100 and now TVS- Apache. I dont know where is my  RX-100 now, Thanks to my dost Sachin. Now, i was just a step away from my dream to become a reality, Acquiring Yamaha. There was many bikes in 150 CC segment including R15. Yamaha has innovatively developed the scaled down version of its two most renowned brand R-1 and FZ-1 to R-15 and FZ-S respectively. R-15 is too bulky to be handled by me whereas FZ-S is quite impressive. I like its widest radial tyre and naked looks (I got the same exact color as it appears in the picture above). With lot off struggle and introducing trouble to many people finally i got the Yamaha FZ-S around 10:30 PM IST. Special thanks to Yamaha sales man, My friend Tariq and My Sweet FiancĂ©e. I am driving it a lot since i bought it. So far i like my bike, i am being a bit cautious as it is my first bike and also Yamaha guys suggested to ride it in civilized manner before it's first service :). I am just waiting for first service to make it fly on greater Noida expressway