Saturday, June 11, 2011

My new companion - HTC desire HD

My lord, it was a tough, really tough decision to switch from the perfect Apple smartphone. In fact the association of  2.5 year was worth of countless feelings. A phone i have used most in the history of my mobile phone possession. It was more than just moving from a fruit company to a high tech company. The decision was to change my whole experience of using a smartphone. I am not a big fan of any brand and also i am not loyal to any brand unless they keep up with what i want from their creation. Before iPhone 3G possession, i never wanted to switch from my lovely Nokia N73 while i was in India. N73 was very reliable, durable, long life survivor and user friendly phone. Whenever the thought of switching my phone to a touch screen smart phone came in my mind, i was always betrayed by the touch experience of all existing devices. I still remember the day when i holded the iPod touch in Noida(India) and flipped some photos on it. It was an amazing experience indeed. Unfortunately at that time the iPhone was already launched in the US but there was no way for me to get it in India. While coming to japan, i carried one prime wish in my heart and that was to buy the iPhone. The moment i bought it, it was like a dream come true. Everything has some pros and cons and so the iPhone had. I used it a lot and often time i praised it and i blamed it. Lately the upgrade of iOS4 drastically brings down the speed of my iPhone 3G. This made my mind to change the phone and this cultivated the thought, "What is next". I kept my eye open for so many phone's announcement but i got the constraints of two things 1. Country 2. Keeping my Softback, Japan network. In 2010 there was the announcement of iPhone 4 but certainly the only impressive thing to me was the retina display. But my desire was more. It was expanded to blazing speed, high speed internet connection, a bigger screen, a different experience and moreover to everything get openness. Late in 2010, i saw the keynote of HTC desire HD. It looked nice to me. Later when it was launched in Japan. I saw it in a Softbank shop. I liked the phone but not completely and specially the low contrast super LCD display even if it has more pixel than iPhone 3G. I waited a lot in the hope that may be i will get some other better option. But it never happened at least till i bought the phone. I surfed over the internet watched the review and lately i got very good and positive feedback of HTC Desire HD except one thing "the battery is not up to the mark". But i was not surprised because when i bought the iPhone, i read same review and when i used it, i too felt same. My Nokia N73 was able to support me for long 3 days but i phone, barely two days. But a day came and i got completely annoyed by the iPhone and that made my mind to go for the HTC desire HD.  I also experienced the poor battery life in HTC desire HD. I complained a lot but did not got any good support from HTC. In this case the Softbank was very very supportive. They offered me an extra battery but i rejected the offer to not carry two batteries for one device. Then i surf over the internet and purchased an extended battery for HTC desire HD from mugen power. It cost me a lot but it was worth spending the money. Now, I am carrying an HTC desire HD, My new companion of day to day life. Don't worry, I will write a complete review on my experience with HTC desire HD in my later blog. Also the other expected blog's are "How to keep up your HTC desire HD a day long" and the "Top 10 must have apps for HTC desire HD".  So till then keep up digging my blog for more entertainment. See ya..

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