Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Me, Myself and Nikon D90

My love, My Nikon D90
It was 23:34 JST, I just finished one of the most important thing and without any doubt was going to had a head to head collision with my bed. This time my bed was different along with the direction of sleep (Oh man, I got two bed’s in my room). Suddenly my eyes were stunned with the black rugged bag sitting there idle on the top corner of the shelf. What was that, it was my bravo, fast, skilled, My Nikon D90 buried in the sand of time since so long. I was touched to see its desperate 18-200 mm Nikkor lens crying to focus on the creative scenes, the battery that can shot more than 1000 clicks was draining its life without contributing its power to the powerful exceed processor and shooting the shutter at 4.5 fps, the 16 GB class 10 memory card starving for storing some pictures and HD movies. The scenario was completely unexpected. I lay down my eyes with shame of not carrying him out to the world.  I took him in my lap, we shared some old memories in its 3.0” bright LCD panel. It was so amazing to recall all those memories we had in old times. We literally talked that there was a time when I used to take him out to world ranging from highest mountain to the biggest ocean of Japan , lightest moment of walking around  to the fastest moment of wildlife and so on. Then it asked me question why not now. I thought previously it was me but now i am being myself (There is lot of explanation behind this statement). I told him one simple thing, you don't have to worry my love. We will be back again. Right away I promise him that the day is not so far when once again I will see the world through your lens and once again we will capture all the stunning moments of this beautiful planet.  My Nikon D90 you are my heart, you are my soul.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

You are the one i love

The feeling of listening to this song and understanding the words has evolved.