Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isolation of almost 3 months.

It's good to be back here. Believe it or not, it’s my 6th attempt to write this blog and still I am not sure whether it will be finished or I have to carry it over. But be sure it is going to be big. The prime reason of delay is that lately I’ve been too much busy in micro blogging. Ok, let’s start. Well these 3 months gave lot of new experiences to my life. A lot of things came across over this phenomenal days. Some were truly unique, huge and amazing and some I never expected to be real. So how should I present it? Well I would like to divide these three months into before and after event with the biggest cross-section i.e. my India Trip. Yapp, I visited India for 2 weeks.  Woo woo, hold on, we will dig everything layer by layer. Let’s start with the “before visiting India” event. Wow, I am so excited, are you?

Before visiting India: As most of you know, I had been traumatized for almost a week by the gigantic mobile bill. But with God’s grace and all your well wishes all the rubbish charges were taken away. As a result, I was a man in the air. I’ve given back all my energy, action and rhythm to cherish the life again. In the meanwhile I had a plan to visit India. So here is the thing, when we plan to visit our home we receive a huge list of shopping. So you have to get it bagged anyhow. In doing so, you have to be very clever in decision making. Because you must not avoid the ones who did not told you anything to get. I made some shopping, went here and there in search of stuff and spoiled all my weekend which I love most. At the end of the phase, I was very relaxed because I finished the most boring part of my routine i.e. shopping and it was the time to fly. In the meanwhile, it was the time of cherry blossom which is really beautiful in Japan.

India: Whenever I visit my home I completely feel in the whole new world. A place full of lavish life, a family to take care, desire to eat food of my choice and hence three most important jobs to do i.e. demand, demand and demand to the extent I can and this I do very inefficiently. Due to inefficiency of this job I receive lot of complain too (Don’t tell anyone but sometime I’ve been scolded too. Shhhhh). So, 11 days of festive season went very well. The only thing to be missed there was the incredible climate of Tokyo (Changed from 9 deg to 43 deg). The routine comprises of simple and desired tasks, i.e. wakeup > eat> pray> talk> roam> tease my sisters> sleep, that’s all. During my stay one thing is fix i.e to visit Pizza hut and grab my fav Pizza, at least once. Every time I eat it, I receive same comment. Why you want to eat bread with some sauces on the top in dinner? In such a huge cost we can sit in a very good restaurant to enjoy best Mughlai dish. Then I have to justify it. Well everything went very well now it was the chance to go back to Noida and Delhi. I was waiting for this day like anything, and here I am in Noida. Within a moment of entering into the hotel I got call from Heera and he snatched the glory to have breakfast with me J from Sumit (Poor Sumit). Whereas Sumit was offering me since the time he got to know that I am coming to India, but it was just the matter of time. I had a delicious breakfast with Heera @ his home. The whole day plan was fixed starting from breakfast, walk around with friends, the movie Iron man-2, snacks in Dominos and dinner @ Mritunjay home, thanks to Sumit and Heera. We drove here and there and I met some very key people in Noida. With dinner and reception of unethical friendly word from Mritunjay at his home I ended my amazing day. Next day again, lunch @ friend home and my never ending struggle to reach airport. Sitting @ airport I was only thinking about these 2 weeks beautiful moments in India.

After Visiting India: Back to the abnormal life. The place of work, Tokyo. But it is also great. Lately I bought the desirable things, a mountain bike. Actually, it happened before plan; my wish was to buy it in India. But no one knows what is in one’s fortune. The next big thing, I did complete more than 75% of my life’s wish list. (There will be 20 wishes and I am still searching for a good name of this list, Please suggest). Did cycling from Kawasaki to Tokyo (kind of record), Accomplished blazing speed of 34.1 KM/hour on cycle (It was fun). Things are still going on and on and on.

Uff, finally it comes to an end. I need an award for this. Praise me…..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iOS 4 - Apple did it again - They Ship another junk

Damn you Apple, i don't know how I should praise you for this wonderful piece of crap. Yes a crap, i have a better word but not going to lose my language ethics in front of my pals. 
Now, let me explain what this story is all about. Just after a year launch of iPhone 3GS, Apple released another phone and named it as iPhone 4. Well they did nothing out of the box in this product. Everything was already existed before in so many mobile phones, even in some low handset model from Nokia. The only thing which entices me was the display or so called retina display, the gyro accelerator but i was not interested in this. The interested thing was the launch of next OS i.e. the iOS4 (They removed phone word from “IPhone OS” because it is being used in iPod touch also). Well as per the conference they introduced more than 100 new user feature and 1500 new API's. It was said that due to hardware constraints some of the feature will not be operational in IPhone3G (The one i posses), fair enough. I waited so long and finally the day of launch 21 June 2010 came. I don’t know about their release process J but the date and timing of release was different in all countries. Yesterday (21 June) I was soooo excited in office and around 12 o’clock I came home with full of synergy. The moment I entered my home, I had only one target to acquire that was my laptop. After midnight, the day turned to 22 June 2010. I thought till now they must have released the iOS in Japan. Unaware of the fact I checked for the update and got a message that my OS is the latest one. It means they did not release it yet. So I continued my regular activity with feeling that it will be released very soon and I will have lots of new and feature. Damn, it was 4:30 am when iOS finally arrived in my IPhone. During the final booting, I was looking at my iPhone like a father looks at his first child (Thoda Zyadaa ho gaya but yehi fact hai). Now it was the time of exploring. I unlock my screen and say what; damn there is no home screen wallpaper (A feature introduced in iOS). The moment I saw this it was certain that they fooled the iPhone 3G users (Poor us). Fortunately we got some good features like uni-mailbox, folders but missed some of the very nice features. I never expected something so annoying is going to be released from Apple. I spoiled my night, wasted my time and lost my most adorable thing i.e.  sleeping and what they gave us in return, an OS with less than expected features. I was expecting 50% of feature to be compatible with iPhone 3G. With this I realized that I am done with Apple. At least with the IPhone, not with my Macbook J.  
Now it’s turn to get some Android devices because I know that future belongs to open community with infinite collaboration of people around the world (Sorry Heera but this is the fact :) ). So what I have in mind. Well people, there is only two company in my mind. One is HTC another is Google. In HTC either desire or EVO, well no option with Google they have only nexus one. I am just waiting for these devices to be launched in Japan (After reading this Sahil must be very happy).
So now, how I will get all features in my IPhone? Woooohhh, I am not going to make it public, but all the people who stayed with me in Japan, knows how I deal with Apple. Kyun bhai logo sahi bola na J

So till then cheers…