Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two minute date.

Ohh God!!! It's really being difficult for me to explain this in words. I mean this involves supreme emotion of two person, the moment people ever dreamed about, the life people want to live in short span of time. Alright, at least let me start. This scene is from a very famous situational comedy serial called " How i met your mother ". What!! Did you think it's about me, God pleeease help. I don't have such daring and creativity but when i have to do it, i am going do it in a lot more better way. Better i should stick to the scene only. This serial is about 5 friend who like to hang up in bar, two of them (Lily and Marshal) are married to each other, one (Barney) does not want to get into relationship, other two (Robin and Ted) have broke up with each other (Season 3) and now the Ted is looking for his perfect mate and then he met Stella. A doctor who is helping him to remove his butterfly tattoo which he got while trying to win his break up with Robin. So it was 10 day treatment for Ted, but he felt the doc is too good to be his life partner. He wanted to date her but he can not because of the legislative rule that a doctor can not date his or her patient. He tried every time he got his appointment with doctor. He started reading book to impress him, grown his mustache, started showing her feeling with her assistant to jealous her but he did not get enough response from her until the last day.  Yes, the last day. Oh how can i miss the main point, here i goes, the doctor always gets 2 minute late to office due to her breakfast. Now, last day Ted ask  Stella that he is no more her patient so now can they have a date. Stella, responded that she has a 6 year old baby girl and after the break up with her husband she is not really giving it a chance and trying to spend her time with her daughter only. Ted, went back and thought about this all the time and then he realized that she never said no (The worst small word in English language). Then here comes Ted. He went to Stella the very next day, took her permission to spent two minute breakfast time and spent it like a full date.The most amazing date i have ever scene on any television show and i am really really touched. Now it's your time to see this because it really being hard to explain this in words.

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