Saturday, February 06, 2010

Royal Rumble - an unexpected winner

I completely astonished when i saw edge appearing in royal rumble 2010. Gosh, he was not at all suppose to join the game so soon. He had a career losing injury and he made it possible to join back. By god this was not the end, he finally won the match in a thrilling action. The final four was Shawn Michael, John Cena, Batista and Edge. I was damn sure about Shawn, he was playing amazingly good but unfortunaterly he have been thrown out by Batista. Shawn was really upset and so i am. He missed his title shot at wrestle mania against undertaker. Now it's time for edge to share the main event of wrestle mania. I can guess he will go for the world heavy weight championship against undertaker and something will happen which will involve shawn michael and it will be a triple threat match. Now lets see what we have in wrestle mania. I am just sitting silently hoping for great match @ wrestle mania.

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