Sunday, February 28, 2010

It was different indeed

I can still feel myself around the arm of the gorgeous nature. The wind was whispering me to flow with them, elegant brown stems was telling to wait and see how they will grow to green, the stunning waves of river was asking to play with them, sky was teasing me to reach them and twittering birds was trying to make me fly with them. Believe me I’ve never been surrounded by such a hypnotized environment. It appeared that the day was entirely crafted for me. After a huge interval God blessed us with such a sunny and beautiful day. Everything was looking dramatically perfect. This all was happening on minutes distance from my home near Tamagawa River.
Well it all begun on Friday night when I was looking from my balcony and everything was shining like diamond in the coal mine. The very next day I found the beautiful insect in my balcony. Believe me I was searching for him since long but never had a chance to get so close to him. Then i took the camera (It was canon Kiss X3 or 500 D of Hitesh. He had been generous enough to give his extremely expensive camera to me :) ) and went out eagerly to capture each and every detail. My plan was to roam around till night and go to several places. So without any doubt my first destination was Kawasaki ground. I was just about to cross the bridge to get into the ground and suddenly I saw the flock of birds. I went down and started staring at them. They were looking awesome. I spare some of my time alone with them and moved forward to the ground. There, it was the day of practice or real matches between group of friends, college and so on. Japanese are too crazy about the baseball, so most of the area was acquired by this game only. I enjoyed some of the shots and moved on. First time in my life I’ve got an opportunity to meet some of the photographer. They were really old aged having ultimate fond of photography. They have created an ultimate strategy to capture the attractive surroundings. They showed me some of their photographs and I got extremely influence by them. I got one copy as a souvenir too. There i capture the most challenging shot of kingfisher. After having the desired atmosphere my hunger for photography got worst so the journey continued. Later I found some very cute Japanese children playing with their parents. I stood across them and watched them like anything. The whole thing was astonishing. Now the sun was about to set and I almost took all the photos i desired. Now it was time for night shot. I walked to Kawasaki station and almost at the corner of the station I felt little cold and lost all my excitement for night shot. I turned my feet’s and moved back to my home. But but but, without any doubt it has been the best day since most of friends were far from me and I miss them like hell. So this day was completely dedicated to my some of the most wonderful friends and in my word my most rare gems. Cheers to all.

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