Sunday, February 28, 2010

It was different indeed

I can still feel myself around the arm of the gorgeous nature. The wind was whispering me to flow with them, elegant brown stems was telling to wait and see how they will grow to green, the stunning waves of river was asking to play with them, sky was teasing me to reach them and twittering birds was trying to make me fly with them. Believe me I’ve never been surrounded by such a hypnotized environment. It appeared that the day was entirely crafted for me. After a huge interval God blessed us with such a sunny and beautiful day. Everything was looking dramatically perfect. This all was happening on minutes distance from my home near Tamagawa River.
Well it all begun on Friday night when I was looking from my balcony and everything was shining like diamond in the coal mine. The very next day I found the beautiful insect in my balcony. Believe me I was searching for him since long but never had a chance to get so close to him. Then i took the camera (It was canon Kiss X3 or 500 D of Hitesh. He had been generous enough to give his extremely expensive camera to me :) ) and went out eagerly to capture each and every detail. My plan was to roam around till night and go to several places. So without any doubt my first destination was Kawasaki ground. I was just about to cross the bridge to get into the ground and suddenly I saw the flock of birds. I went down and started staring at them. They were looking awesome. I spare some of my time alone with them and moved forward to the ground. There, it was the day of practice or real matches between group of friends, college and so on. Japanese are too crazy about the baseball, so most of the area was acquired by this game only. I enjoyed some of the shots and moved on. First time in my life I’ve got an opportunity to meet some of the photographer. They were really old aged having ultimate fond of photography. They have created an ultimate strategy to capture the attractive surroundings. They showed me some of their photographs and I got extremely influence by them. I got one copy as a souvenir too. There i capture the most challenging shot of kingfisher. After having the desired atmosphere my hunger for photography got worst so the journey continued. Later I found some very cute Japanese children playing with their parents. I stood across them and watched them like anything. The whole thing was astonishing. Now the sun was about to set and I almost took all the photos i desired. Now it was time for night shot. I walked to Kawasaki station and almost at the corner of the station I felt little cold and lost all my excitement for night shot. I turned my feet’s and moved back to my home. But but but, without any doubt it has been the best day since most of friends were far from me and I miss them like hell. So this day was completely dedicated to my some of the most wonderful friends and in my word my most rare gems. Cheers to all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Namaz ka tarika - Hindi+Arabic

This is something i was looking for long time over the internet and finally i am glad to find it. Now keeping my own philosophy i.e. "If you are happy for some reason then share it to make your self more happy and be the reason for others to be happy". So here i am, presenting the book on how to do salat. Today only i got the soft copy on scribd. Now i can share this with you all. You can refer it or download it it's up to you. Khuda hafiz and do remember me in your dua....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two minute date.

Ohh God!!! It's really being difficult for me to explain this in words. I mean this involves supreme emotion of two person, the moment people ever dreamed about, the life people want to live in short span of time. Alright, at least let me start. This scene is from a very famous situational comedy serial called " How i met your mother ". What!! Did you think it's about me, God pleeease help. I don't have such daring and creativity but when i have to do it, i am going do it in a lot more better way. Better i should stick to the scene only. This serial is about 5 friend who like to hang up in bar, two of them (Lily and Marshal) are married to each other, one (Barney) does not want to get into relationship, other two (Robin and Ted) have broke up with each other (Season 3) and now the Ted is looking for his perfect mate and then he met Stella. A doctor who is helping him to remove his butterfly tattoo which he got while trying to win his break up with Robin. So it was 10 day treatment for Ted, but he felt the doc is too good to be his life partner. He wanted to date her but he can not because of the legislative rule that a doctor can not date his or her patient. He tried every time he got his appointment with doctor. He started reading book to impress him, grown his mustache, started showing her feeling with her assistant to jealous her but he did not get enough response from her until the last day.  Yes, the last day. Oh how can i miss the main point, here i goes, the doctor always gets 2 minute late to office due to her breakfast. Now, last day Ted ask  Stella that he is no more her patient so now can they have a date. Stella, responded that she has a 6 year old baby girl and after the break up with her husband she is not really giving it a chance and trying to spend her time with her daughter only. Ted, went back and thought about this all the time and then he realized that she never said no (The worst small word in English language). Then here comes Ted. He went to Stella the very next day, took her permission to spent two minute breakfast time and spent it like a full date.The most amazing date i have ever scene on any television show and i am really really touched. Now it's your time to see this because it really being hard to explain this in words.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mile sur mera tumhara - 26 Jan 2010

Do you remember the days when we stare at television watching doordarshan waiting for the song " Mile sur mera tumhara " yeah i remember. In fact, if you ask any Indian about this without hesitant they will start singing it. This song is literally placed in bottom of heart of every Indians. It's TRP was more than anything watched on that time. We remember each and everything about it.  Now after 22 year this song has been relived again by renowned Indians. It was released on 61st republic day of India. Again it hits the same place of our heart. I am showing both legendary songs here on my own blog now it's time for you to cherish it.

Mile sur mera tumhara before 22 Years.

Mile sur mera tumhara 2010.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Top free Islamic apps for Iphone

iTunes store carries million of application for iPhone which are truly remarkable for respective purposes. The slogan of iPhone is very well proved " There is an app for that". Now, if you you are the owner of this ultimate peace of gadget and want to carry some best islamic application then what iTunes have for you? So here i listed some of the application which i use for various purposed and are available free on app store. Some of application do have a pro copy but till now i didn't feel to buy the one. The free copy are more than sufficient to fulfill my needs. Now let me take you to the point and suggest the applications.

  1. iQuran - The Guided ways provide best Islamic application on mobile devices and here they built an application called iQuran. The GUI is good for reading. You can browse through the aayat and bookmark it for further reading. if you are connected to the 3g or wi-fi you can listen to the recitation and there are more to explore.
  2. alQuran - Another Quran application on iPhone. You can read Arabic as well as english translation simultaneously. Having complete recitation but u need to download it. Got stunning GUI. I still need to explore this more.
  3. Maktoob dictionary - This is an arabic dictionary for you. Type the english word and this will convert it in arabic for you.
  4. iPray - This is used to remind you about the prayer time across the location on earth.
  5. Islamic cal - This is lunar calender with comparison of gregorian. So when you want to see what is the date today as per the lunar calender against the gregorian just go through it. It also provides the information of Islamic events.
  6. Qudsi - This is not so huge application but it does have some hadith built in it and gets updated time to time. so you can read through it when you feel like.
So here are my recommendation for Islamic application on iPhone which i use and found worth for my iPhone. 
Next i will show you the 5 best free application of my iPhone so keep looking for this space. till then Bbye

Royal Rumble - an unexpected winner

I completely astonished when i saw edge appearing in royal rumble 2010. Gosh, he was not at all suppose to join the game so soon. He had a career losing injury and he made it possible to join back. By god this was not the end, he finally won the match in a thrilling action. The final four was Shawn Michael, John Cena, Batista and Edge. I was damn sure about Shawn, he was playing amazingly good but unfortunaterly he have been thrown out by Batista. Shawn was really upset and so i am. He missed his title shot at wrestle mania against undertaker. Now it's time for edge to share the main event of wrestle mania. I can guess he will go for the world heavy weight championship against undertaker and something will happen which will involve shawn michael and it will be a triple threat match. Now lets see what we have in wrestle mania. I am just sitting silently hoping for great match @ wrestle mania.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Saying of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

This is one of the best concise video presentation which beautifully explain about the words of our prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). This is little fast but readable. Let's take some advice from here.

God bless you all.