Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Apple tablet PC, can't hold myself

Do you remember the time when everyone was predicting that apple is working on a device which will change the way we use netbook now. Then, Amazon launch the revolutionary product Kindle which changed the way we read books, newspaper. At the same time most of the expert was predicting that this tablet PC may be the concept, some came with the prototype as you see in the left, some said it is very confidential project of apple and others cited it as a fake. Recently the news media was completely flooded with the rumor that apple will create a device which will be combination of a PC, an electronic reader like kindle, a PC which will be compatible with thousand of IPhone apps, a game machine with multi touch panel. Well nothing to worry now. Today it was news all over the web media that this month a new era is going to start. Yes, referring to Bloomberg this month may filled with the news of apple's own tablet PC. This is not end, it was estimated that apple will sell around 10 million tablet's by end of this year and price seems to be less than US $1000.
I am excited like hell and just waiting for Steve's announcement. Are you with me.....

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