Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it really magical?

As stated by Steve jobs finally the most advanced device is on planet . The magical device everyone was talking about. Frankly speaking i was kind of waiting for this since long time but when i saw and heard Steve, this looks really amazing but the magic does miss some sparks. The demonstration of Mr. apple was flawlessly amazing. I got to say that he can even sell the garbage like gold.

Now coming straight to the device. Well when you see this you will fall in love with it but when you get into detail you will find that some necessary stuffs are missing. This is nothing more than a big iPod touch with enhanced GUI and performance. Do not compare this with Iphone at all. Till now, whatever i read and saw about it , it didn't fascinate me to buy this device. It continues the legacy of apple to be a highly closed platform. Here are some of the love and hate factor of the device.

Love - 1. The the size, 2. Stunning performance (as seen on demonstration), 3. spectacular GUI, 4. Replacement to eReader, 5. Can run all iphone apps, 6. light weight, 7. Battery life, wow 10 hours.

Hate - 1. The very needed thing which lacks is the multitasking, 2. No Camera, 3. Less storage space, 4. NO USB port, 5. Still No Flash support. God when apple will wake up. 6. No HDMI out. Well this are very basic things now a days with this kind of device. Hope to see more in future when i will take this device in my hands.

In my opinion the possibilities are not that huge to replace the actual net book concept but i am sure it will create it own user base. Hope for good bcoz i m too an apple fan.
Bbye for now see you guys soon....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Apple tablet PC, can't hold myself

Do you remember the time when everyone was predicting that apple is working on a device which will change the way we use netbook now. Then, Amazon launch the revolutionary product Kindle which changed the way we read books, newspaper. At the same time most of the expert was predicting that this tablet PC may be the concept, some came with the prototype as you see in the left, some said it is very confidential project of apple and others cited it as a fake. Recently the news media was completely flooded with the rumor that apple will create a device which will be combination of a PC, an electronic reader like kindle, a PC which will be compatible with thousand of IPhone apps, a game machine with multi touch panel. Well nothing to worry now. Today it was news all over the web media that this month a new era is going to start. Yes, referring to Bloomberg this month may filled with the news of apple's own tablet PC. This is not end, it was estimated that apple will sell around 10 million tablet's by end of this year and price seems to be less than US $1000.
I am excited like hell and just waiting for Steve's announcement. Are you with me.....

Monday, January 04, 2010

Finally the browser war on my laptop

Recently we encountered a real battle between the web browsers. Here i am talking about the market renowned web browser like Safari, chrome. In recent year we saw the launch from monsters like Google, Apple etc. You may or may not be knowing but there are several others browsers that exists and are really good in performance. Dont worry i will list down all browser known to me. So what pulled me to blog here. Well yesterday i installed safari and i was trying to listen to one of the great song of AR Rahman. All of a sudden i felt that something is slowing down my laptop so thought of checking the memory usage. Guess what, this was safari who was sucking like hell. Then i used other browsers with same link and look what i got. The winner is again the epic Internet explorer.
In fact i use three browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Mozilla) based on the situation but here is the list of browser i've used.
  1. Internet explorer
  2. Mozilla firefox
  3. Chrome
  4. Safari
  5. Opera
  6. Avant browser
  7. Maxthon
Finally here is the song which i was listening, Now you enjoy in your browser.....