Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Me, Myself and Nikon D90

My love, My Nikon D90
It was 23:34 JST, I just finished one of the most important thing and without any doubt was going to had a head to head collision with my bed. This time my bed was different along with the direction of sleep (Oh man, I got two bed’s in my room). Suddenly my eyes were stunned with the black rugged bag sitting there idle on the top corner of the shelf. What was that, it was my bravo, fast, skilled, My Nikon D90 buried in the sand of time since so long. I was touched to see its desperate 18-200 mm Nikkor lens crying to focus on the creative scenes, the battery that can shot more than 1000 clicks was draining its life without contributing its power to the powerful exceed processor and shooting the shutter at 4.5 fps, the 16 GB class 10 memory card starving for storing some pictures and HD movies. The scenario was completely unexpected. I lay down my eyes with shame of not carrying him out to the world.  I took him in my lap, we shared some old memories in its 3.0” bright LCD panel. It was so amazing to recall all those memories we had in old times. We literally talked that there was a time when I used to take him out to world ranging from highest mountain to the biggest ocean of Japan , lightest moment of walking around  to the fastest moment of wildlife and so on. Then it asked me question why not now. I thought previously it was me but now i am being myself (There is lot of explanation behind this statement). I told him one simple thing, you don't have to worry my love. We will be back again. Right away I promise him that the day is not so far when once again I will see the world through your lens and once again we will capture all the stunning moments of this beautiful planet.  My Nikon D90 you are my heart, you are my soul.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

You are the one i love

The feeling of listening to this song and understanding the words has evolved.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Amazing Cinematography

Must be watched in HD to feel completely.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mount Fuji - A lifetime journey

Known as the symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji is one of the most beautiful thing you will notice on a clear day in Tokyo. A symmetrical shaped mountain dressed with the ice (Not in Summer). When you look at it, it's unparalleled beauty will attract you like anything. Staring at it when you get to know you can climb on it your instinct of concurring it will not be quite untill you get to the top. This is exactly what happened to me just 2 years back in the office. Since then i was trying and trying hard to climb it. But unfortunately the plan never get materialize but this time i had better luck. During a conversation between me and my office colleague i shown my desire in climbing mount Fuji. Suddenly I've got the response with confidence i was dying to listen since last 2 year i.e. "Yes" let's go to mount Fuji. Without making further delay i capitalize this opportunity and planned everything. Since then at least we 2 were fixed to climb the Fuji. Later we hear from so many people to join us but all of them quit due to some reason. Finally it was Syam who joined us to this fabulous trip.
Me, Kawamura and Syam were the final destined people who started the 2 day trip to climb the mount Fuji. (The point to be noticed here is that I was going with at least 25% less preparation. Now what does this mean? I did not have all the required stuff. E.g I was using regular sports shoes instead of the tracking shoes, my bad). We started our journey around 10 AM on Saturday with all geared stuff and food. Syam took the Mickey Mouse pillow too, for fun. On our way we cruised through the national highway with quite good experience, seriously long tunnels, amazing mesmerizing natural beauty of Hakone and clouds. Around 1:30 PM we reached to the 5th station of Mount Fuji which is at 2000 meter altitude. The moment I walked out of the car I was blown away by the view. It was completely wonderful. In addition to the view, the beautiful clouds and cool weather was making it absolutely different.  We stayed there for almost 6 hours. Within 1 hour of our arrival, it started raining. Now this started bothering me because if it rains, things will be more difficult due to sliding rocks. With all grace of God the rain stopped. I took my coffee and around 8’o clock we started out journey. All the way we chanted konichiwa or konbanwa (Japanese way of saying good afternoon and good evening sometime also refer to hello). First aprx 20 minute we were surrounded by  the trees and feeling very warm after that we reached to the open space, now it was clear with fresh air and little cool. On the way, we drunk water ate biscuits and chocolate. When I reached 6th station I never imagined that I will encounter such a huge crowd. Never mind, now it was the time for dinner and some hot drink (I took Miso soup) and we climbed and climbed and climbed with little interval of rest. We planned to reach to the top to see the sunshine but who know what ones have in fortune. By the time we should have been at the ninth station we reached only 7.5th station. Our partner syam was dead tired and lost his stamina to go further. We settled to let him stay at 7.5th station and then we kind of ran to reach to the top. Around 4:30 AM we stepped at 9th main station just one station down to the top station. We decided to stay there, see the sunrise and then move ahead. We had some remaining time for sunrise so we searched for a good place to relaxed and shoot. Now it was the time. The sun was rising, ripping the cloud river and making Japan again a bright and sunny day. After the heavenly look it was the time to start again. Moving from 9 to top station was the worst part of tracking. It was heavily crowded, it seemed that some military training was also planned so there was a battalion of these guys also. The one liner trail was expanded to 3 liner trail making it hell dangerous. As compared to our previous climbing speed we were crawling now. During climbing, at some places I was almost out of breath due to lack of oxygen (this was a unique experience). Crawling almost 3 hour we reached to the top of the mountain around 8:30 AM. I was deadly starving out there. I took odone (Japanese food) and later moved to the crater side. The crater looked awesomely dangerous. I literally saw the layer of burned mud, scattered ice, volcanic ashes and rocks. To my surprised (Even though I expected) the mobile network at the top was live but the data speed was too slow to update Facebook J. After 1 hour we moved back to come down assuming that Syam must be waiting there. But the assumption was failed when we called him at 7.5th station. He was already moved from there. So we decided to meet at fifth station. On the way back to fifth station he called and ask for a trail on which he was travelling down. When I saw the map, I was OMG, and why because he took a trail which was almost 45 degree and far away from our meeting point. All the way we came down, coordinated a lot, searched him a lot due to some miscommunication between us and finally we met at Kawaguchi station (This searching scenarios is a altogether a story in itself which involved adventure, discovery, police and so on). All the way long, I reached back to home with all screaming, crying and burning muscles. Along with this whole lot of nice, unique, lifetime amazing experience which I never expected. After God, thank to all (Specially Kawamura) who made it possible. I don’t know what next lies in my fortune which can be compared with this experience but one thing I have already finalized and that is ladakh in India. So whoever is interested hold your horses and wait for me to come back to India J. Till then, Good bye to all my happy readers.
Cheers - Anwarul 

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beautiful Nasheed

I've never listened to this kind of nasheed before. The moment it was revealed to me, I've been blown away by it's serenity. It is really divine and relaxing. When you start it you never want it to be finished. There are several among which i am posting "came to me" by Sami Yusuf.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isolation of almost 3 months.

It's good to be back here. Believe it or not, it’s my 6th attempt to write this blog and still I am not sure whether it will be finished or I have to carry it over. But be sure it is going to be big. The prime reason of delay is that lately I’ve been too much busy in micro blogging. Ok, let’s start. Well these 3 months gave lot of new experiences to my life. A lot of things came across over this phenomenal days. Some were truly unique, huge and amazing and some I never expected to be real. So how should I present it? Well I would like to divide these three months into before and after event with the biggest cross-section i.e. my India Trip. Yapp, I visited India for 2 weeks.  Woo woo, hold on, we will dig everything layer by layer. Let’s start with the “before visiting India” event. Wow, I am so excited, are you?

Before visiting India: As most of you know, I had been traumatized for almost a week by the gigantic mobile bill. But with God’s grace and all your well wishes all the rubbish charges were taken away. As a result, I was a man in the air. I’ve given back all my energy, action and rhythm to cherish the life again. In the meanwhile I had a plan to visit India. So here is the thing, when we plan to visit our home we receive a huge list of shopping. So you have to get it bagged anyhow. In doing so, you have to be very clever in decision making. Because you must not avoid the ones who did not told you anything to get. I made some shopping, went here and there in search of stuff and spoiled all my weekend which I love most. At the end of the phase, I was very relaxed because I finished the most boring part of my routine i.e. shopping and it was the time to fly. In the meanwhile, it was the time of cherry blossom which is really beautiful in Japan.

India: Whenever I visit my home I completely feel in the whole new world. A place full of lavish life, a family to take care, desire to eat food of my choice and hence three most important jobs to do i.e. demand, demand and demand to the extent I can and this I do very inefficiently. Due to inefficiency of this job I receive lot of complain too (Don’t tell anyone but sometime I’ve been scolded too. Shhhhh). So, 11 days of festive season went very well. The only thing to be missed there was the incredible climate of Tokyo (Changed from 9 deg to 43 deg). The routine comprises of simple and desired tasks, i.e. wakeup > eat> pray> talk> roam> tease my sisters> sleep, that’s all. During my stay one thing is fix i.e to visit Pizza hut and grab my fav Pizza, at least once. Every time I eat it, I receive same comment. Why you want to eat bread with some sauces on the top in dinner? In such a huge cost we can sit in a very good restaurant to enjoy best Mughlai dish. Then I have to justify it. Well everything went very well now it was the chance to go back to Noida and Delhi. I was waiting for this day like anything, and here I am in Noida. Within a moment of entering into the hotel I got call from Heera and he snatched the glory to have breakfast with me J from Sumit (Poor Sumit). Whereas Sumit was offering me since the time he got to know that I am coming to India, but it was just the matter of time. I had a delicious breakfast with Heera @ his home. The whole day plan was fixed starting from breakfast, walk around with friends, the movie Iron man-2, snacks in Dominos and dinner @ Mritunjay home, thanks to Sumit and Heera. We drove here and there and I met some very key people in Noida. With dinner and reception of unethical friendly word from Mritunjay at his home I ended my amazing day. Next day again, lunch @ friend home and my never ending struggle to reach airport. Sitting @ airport I was only thinking about these 2 weeks beautiful moments in India.

After Visiting India: Back to the abnormal life. The place of work, Tokyo. But it is also great. Lately I bought the desirable things, a mountain bike. Actually, it happened before plan; my wish was to buy it in India. But no one knows what is in one’s fortune. The next big thing, I did complete more than 75% of my life’s wish list. (There will be 20 wishes and I am still searching for a good name of this list, Please suggest). Did cycling from Kawasaki to Tokyo (kind of record), Accomplished blazing speed of 34.1 KM/hour on cycle (It was fun). Things are still going on and on and on.

Uff, finally it comes to an end. I need an award for this. Praise me…..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iOS 4 - Apple did it again - They Ship another junk

Damn you Apple, i don't know how I should praise you for this wonderful piece of crap. Yes a crap, i have a better word but not going to lose my language ethics in front of my pals. 
Now, let me explain what this story is all about. Just after a year launch of iPhone 3GS, Apple released another phone and named it as iPhone 4. Well they did nothing out of the box in this product. Everything was already existed before in so many mobile phones, even in some low handset model from Nokia. The only thing which entices me was the display or so called retina display, the gyro accelerator but i was not interested in this. The interested thing was the launch of next OS i.e. the iOS4 (They removed phone word from “IPhone OS” because it is being used in iPod touch also). Well as per the conference they introduced more than 100 new user feature and 1500 new API's. It was said that due to hardware constraints some of the feature will not be operational in IPhone3G (The one i posses), fair enough. I waited so long and finally the day of launch 21 June 2010 came. I don’t know about their release process J but the date and timing of release was different in all countries. Yesterday (21 June) I was soooo excited in office and around 12 o’clock I came home with full of synergy. The moment I entered my home, I had only one target to acquire that was my laptop. After midnight, the day turned to 22 June 2010. I thought till now they must have released the iOS in Japan. Unaware of the fact I checked for the update and got a message that my OS is the latest one. It means they did not release it yet. So I continued my regular activity with feeling that it will be released very soon and I will have lots of new and feature. Damn, it was 4:30 am when iOS finally arrived in my IPhone. During the final booting, I was looking at my iPhone like a father looks at his first child (Thoda Zyadaa ho gaya but yehi fact hai). Now it was the time of exploring. I unlock my screen and say what; damn there is no home screen wallpaper (A feature introduced in iOS). The moment I saw this it was certain that they fooled the iPhone 3G users (Poor us). Fortunately we got some good features like uni-mailbox, folders but missed some of the very nice features. I never expected something so annoying is going to be released from Apple. I spoiled my night, wasted my time and lost my most adorable thing i.e.  sleeping and what they gave us in return, an OS with less than expected features. I was expecting 50% of feature to be compatible with iPhone 3G. With this I realized that I am done with Apple. At least with the IPhone, not with my Macbook J.  
Now it’s turn to get some Android devices because I know that future belongs to open community with infinite collaboration of people around the world (Sorry Heera but this is the fact :) ). So what I have in mind. Well people, there is only two company in my mind. One is HTC another is Google. In HTC either desire or EVO, well no option with Google they have only nexus one. I am just waiting for these devices to be launched in Japan (After reading this Sahil must be very happy).
So now, how I will get all features in my IPhone? Woooohhh, I am not going to make it public, but all the people who stayed with me in Japan, knows how I deal with Apple. Kyun bhai logo sahi bola na J

So till then cheers…

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Speared by 2 lakh rupees mobile bill

It was Tuesday 2nd march 2010. I was following the as usual daily routine life. Snoozing alarm until the time reaches 6:45 am.  Getting early in the morning (yeah 6:45 is kind of dawn for me), go through the weather condition, emails and other notification on my iPhone. Preparing morning tea and then struggle to reach office and join the meeting @ 8:30. That day was almost same like other day.  I kept on using internet on my iPhone unaware of that something bizarre is waiting for me.  I did my work at the office moved back for home. It was raining cats and dog and chilling like anything. I was totally fed up and praying that when these all will stop. Well, on my way back to home I did some chatting on Gtalk, surf the news, replied to my mails and so on. Finally I reached my apartment. I was not checking my mail box since past 2-3 days so ended up doing so. There were some letters hiding in the dark and desperately waiting for me. I took them out and walked to the lift. I tear some of them, out of which one was from Softbank (The mobile carrier in Japan). Oops, I missed something. First let me take you in the past. 15 days back I broke up my previous mobile contract and switched to new contract. After cancelation I was expecting to pay around 40k+someting yen for old contract. I purchased a new smashing smart tiny Samsung mobile phone. But who care about other handset once you are addicted to the iPhone. So I pulled out the SIM card from Samsung and start using it on my iPhone. Mobile with internet facility seems to be a very costly affair in Japan unless you are using the unlimited data package plan. I used unlimited data package plan in my previous contract and paid 6200 yen per month at max. Now in same way started using data in my iPhone with new SIM card. I assume the same rule, as in India we are not bound by the carrier to use any specific hand set for GSM SIM card. Now let’s come back to the mobile bill from Softbank. Here comes the pain. The bill was of 4 lakh + something yen (Check the image). In Indian currency it will be around 2 lakh rupees. Yes, 2 lakh rupees and it was only for 15 days other 7 days was also expected. I thought they did some typo error and this is my last contract mobile bill of 40 k yen but at the other end I was totally scared too. So I called the customer care. They checked my record and the response was “Sir, this bill is for your current usage of data package and nothing to do with your old mobile contract”. Right away I spilled 2 word from my mouth “ Ohh Goddd”.  I replied, if I’ve chosen unlimited data package plan then how it is possible? The response was “sir during all this period you have not used the handset given by Softbank and hence no discount plan is applicable for you. Right away it told her, if this was the case why I have not been informed intermediately and we had a long conversation. Finally she said please stop using other hand set and use the one provided by us and I will take your case to my supervisor which will take another one week to resolve. The moment she said one week, I realized that this is going to be the longest week of my life. I was in full depression and mental stress because if thing doesn’t go well I have to pay 3 lakh rupees for 21 days mobile bill. It was more than my last annual package. Due to depression, I just did what I usually do. I called all around the planet talk to some people and tried to release the stress. The whole talking scenario was ended later mid night that day. Second day I changed my SIM card to authorize it to use in my iPhone and at the same time I kept on talking to customer care almost every alternative day. Every time response was identical, we cannot say anything before 1 week. Finally it was 7th day. I called Softbank. I’ve been told that I will get a call related to the case today. Later that day I got the call and it was ended in between due to lost signal. The information was still not apparent to me. Now it was my turn to call them back, and finally with god’s grace the answer was in my favor. I just have to pay 6200 yen as per the unlimited data package plan. But believe me it was the most unanticipated week for me. So many things happened to me, when I say so many I mean seriously a lot of thing happened to me. Step by step things are getting better now. I am quite released and happy now. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I made it

The theme song of WrestleMania 26 and another biggest hit featuring Jay sean. The lyrics are awesome and music is just mind blowing. Completely dedicated to those who believe they made it because Kevin rudolf just made it.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

It was different indeed

I can still feel myself around the arm of the gorgeous nature. The wind was whispering me to flow with them, elegant brown stems was telling to wait and see how they will grow to green, the stunning waves of river was asking to play with them, sky was teasing me to reach them and twittering birds was trying to make me fly with them. Believe me I’ve never been surrounded by such a hypnotized environment. It appeared that the day was entirely crafted for me. After a huge interval God blessed us with such a sunny and beautiful day. Everything was looking dramatically perfect. This all was happening on minutes distance from my home near Tamagawa River.
Well it all begun on Friday night when I was looking from my balcony and everything was shining like diamond in the coal mine. The very next day I found the beautiful insect in my balcony. Believe me I was searching for him since long but never had a chance to get so close to him. Then i took the camera (It was canon Kiss X3 or 500 D of Hitesh. He had been generous enough to give his extremely expensive camera to me :) ) and went out eagerly to capture each and every detail. My plan was to roam around till night and go to several places. So without any doubt my first destination was Kawasaki ground. I was just about to cross the bridge to get into the ground and suddenly I saw the flock of birds. I went down and started staring at them. They were looking awesome. I spare some of my time alone with them and moved forward to the ground. There, it was the day of practice or real matches between group of friends, college and so on. Japanese are too crazy about the baseball, so most of the area was acquired by this game only. I enjoyed some of the shots and moved on. First time in my life I’ve got an opportunity to meet some of the photographer. They were really old aged having ultimate fond of photography. They have created an ultimate strategy to capture the attractive surroundings. They showed me some of their photographs and I got extremely influence by them. I got one copy as a souvenir too. There i capture the most challenging shot of kingfisher. After having the desired atmosphere my hunger for photography got worst so the journey continued. Later I found some very cute Japanese children playing with their parents. I stood across them and watched them like anything. The whole thing was astonishing. Now the sun was about to set and I almost took all the photos i desired. Now it was time for night shot. I walked to Kawasaki station and almost at the corner of the station I felt little cold and lost all my excitement for night shot. I turned my feet’s and moved back to my home. But but but, without any doubt it has been the best day since most of friends were far from me and I miss them like hell. So this day was completely dedicated to my some of the most wonderful friends and in my word my most rare gems. Cheers to all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Namaz ka tarika - Hindi+Arabic

This is something i was looking for long time over the internet and finally i am glad to find it. Now keeping my own philosophy i.e. "If you are happy for some reason then share it to make your self more happy and be the reason for others to be happy". So here i am, presenting the book on how to do salat. Today only i got the soft copy on scribd. Now i can share this with you all. You can refer it or download it it's up to you. Khuda hafiz and do remember me in your dua....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two minute date.

Ohh God!!! It's really being difficult for me to explain this in words. I mean this involves supreme emotion of two person, the moment people ever dreamed about, the life people want to live in short span of time. Alright, at least let me start. This scene is from a very famous situational comedy serial called " How i met your mother ". What!! Did you think it's about me, God pleeease help. I don't have such daring and creativity but when i have to do it, i am going do it in a lot more better way. Better i should stick to the scene only. This serial is about 5 friend who like to hang up in bar, two of them (Lily and Marshal) are married to each other, one (Barney) does not want to get into relationship, other two (Robin and Ted) have broke up with each other (Season 3) and now the Ted is looking for his perfect mate and then he met Stella. A doctor who is helping him to remove his butterfly tattoo which he got while trying to win his break up with Robin. So it was 10 day treatment for Ted, but he felt the doc is too good to be his life partner. He wanted to date her but he can not because of the legislative rule that a doctor can not date his or her patient. He tried every time he got his appointment with doctor. He started reading book to impress him, grown his mustache, started showing her feeling with her assistant to jealous her but he did not get enough response from her until the last day.  Yes, the last day. Oh how can i miss the main point, here i goes, the doctor always gets 2 minute late to office due to her breakfast. Now, last day Ted ask  Stella that he is no more her patient so now can they have a date. Stella, responded that she has a 6 year old baby girl and after the break up with her husband she is not really giving it a chance and trying to spend her time with her daughter only. Ted, went back and thought about this all the time and then he realized that she never said no (The worst small word in English language). Then here comes Ted. He went to Stella the very next day, took her permission to spent two minute breakfast time and spent it like a full date.The most amazing date i have ever scene on any television show and i am really really touched. Now it's your time to see this because it really being hard to explain this in words.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mile sur mera tumhara - 26 Jan 2010

Do you remember the days when we stare at television watching doordarshan waiting for the song " Mile sur mera tumhara " yeah i remember. In fact, if you ask any Indian about this without hesitant they will start singing it. This song is literally placed in bottom of heart of every Indians. It's TRP was more than anything watched on that time. We remember each and everything about it.  Now after 22 year this song has been relived again by renowned Indians. It was released on 61st republic day of India. Again it hits the same place of our heart. I am showing both legendary songs here on my own blog now it's time for you to cherish it.

Mile sur mera tumhara before 22 Years.

Mile sur mera tumhara 2010.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Top free Islamic apps for Iphone

iTunes store carries million of application for iPhone which are truly remarkable for respective purposes. The slogan of iPhone is very well proved " There is an app for that". Now, if you you are the owner of this ultimate peace of gadget and want to carry some best islamic application then what iTunes have for you? So here i listed some of the application which i use for various purposed and are available free on app store. Some of application do have a pro copy but till now i didn't feel to buy the one. The free copy are more than sufficient to fulfill my needs. Now let me take you to the point and suggest the applications.

  1. iQuran - The Guided ways provide best Islamic application on mobile devices and here they built an application called iQuran. The GUI is good for reading. You can browse through the aayat and bookmark it for further reading. if you are connected to the 3g or wi-fi you can listen to the recitation and there are more to explore.
  2. alQuran - Another Quran application on iPhone. You can read Arabic as well as english translation simultaneously. Having complete recitation but u need to download it. Got stunning GUI. I still need to explore this more.
  3. Maktoob dictionary - This is an arabic dictionary for you. Type the english word and this will convert it in arabic for you.
  4. iPray - This is used to remind you about the prayer time across the location on earth.
  5. Islamic cal - This is lunar calender with comparison of gregorian. So when you want to see what is the date today as per the lunar calender against the gregorian just go through it. It also provides the information of Islamic events.
  6. Qudsi - This is not so huge application but it does have some hadith built in it and gets updated time to time. so you can read through it when you feel like.
So here are my recommendation for Islamic application on iPhone which i use and found worth for my iPhone. 
Next i will show you the 5 best free application of my iPhone so keep looking for this space. till then Bbye

Royal Rumble - an unexpected winner

I completely astonished when i saw edge appearing in royal rumble 2010. Gosh, he was not at all suppose to join the game so soon. He had a career losing injury and he made it possible to join back. By god this was not the end, he finally won the match in a thrilling action. The final four was Shawn Michael, John Cena, Batista and Edge. I was damn sure about Shawn, he was playing amazingly good but unfortunaterly he have been thrown out by Batista. Shawn was really upset and so i am. He missed his title shot at wrestle mania against undertaker. Now it's time for edge to share the main event of wrestle mania. I can guess he will go for the world heavy weight championship against undertaker and something will happen which will involve shawn michael and it will be a triple threat match. Now lets see what we have in wrestle mania. I am just sitting silently hoping for great match @ wrestle mania.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Saying of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

This is one of the best concise video presentation which beautifully explain about the words of our prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). This is little fast but readable. Let's take some advice from here.

God bless you all.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it really magical?

As stated by Steve jobs finally the most advanced device is on planet . The magical device everyone was talking about. Frankly speaking i was kind of waiting for this since long time but when i saw and heard Steve, this looks really amazing but the magic does miss some sparks. The demonstration of Mr. apple was flawlessly amazing. I got to say that he can even sell the garbage like gold.

Now coming straight to the device. Well when you see this you will fall in love with it but when you get into detail you will find that some necessary stuffs are missing. This is nothing more than a big iPod touch with enhanced GUI and performance. Do not compare this with Iphone at all. Till now, whatever i read and saw about it , it didn't fascinate me to buy this device. It continues the legacy of apple to be a highly closed platform. Here are some of the love and hate factor of the device.

Love - 1. The the size, 2. Stunning performance (as seen on demonstration), 3. spectacular GUI, 4. Replacement to eReader, 5. Can run all iphone apps, 6. light weight, 7. Battery life, wow 10 hours.

Hate - 1. The very needed thing which lacks is the multitasking, 2. No Camera, 3. Less storage space, 4. NO USB port, 5. Still No Flash support. God when apple will wake up. 6. No HDMI out. Well this are very basic things now a days with this kind of device. Hope to see more in future when i will take this device in my hands.

In my opinion the possibilities are not that huge to replace the actual net book concept but i am sure it will create it own user base. Hope for good bcoz i m too an apple fan.
Bbye for now see you guys soon....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Apple tablet PC, can't hold myself

Do you remember the time when everyone was predicting that apple is working on a device which will change the way we use netbook now. Then, Amazon launch the revolutionary product Kindle which changed the way we read books, newspaper. At the same time most of the expert was predicting that this tablet PC may be the concept, some came with the prototype as you see in the left, some said it is very confidential project of apple and others cited it as a fake. Recently the news media was completely flooded with the rumor that apple will create a device which will be combination of a PC, an electronic reader like kindle, a PC which will be compatible with thousand of IPhone apps, a game machine with multi touch panel. Well nothing to worry now. Today it was news all over the web media that this month a new era is going to start. Yes, referring to Bloomberg this month may filled with the news of apple's own tablet PC. This is not end, it was estimated that apple will sell around 10 million tablet's by end of this year and price seems to be less than US $1000.
I am excited like hell and just waiting for Steve's announcement. Are you with me.....

Monday, January 04, 2010

Finally the browser war on my laptop

Recently we encountered a real battle between the web browsers. Here i am talking about the market renowned web browser like Safari, chrome. In recent year we saw the launch from monsters like Google, Apple etc. You may or may not be knowing but there are several others browsers that exists and are really good in performance. Dont worry i will list down all browser known to me. So what pulled me to blog here. Well yesterday i installed safari and i was trying to listen to one of the great song of AR Rahman. All of a sudden i felt that something is slowing down my laptop so thought of checking the memory usage. Guess what, this was safari who was sucking like hell. Then i used other browsers with same link and look what i got. The winner is again the epic Internet explorer.
In fact i use three browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Mozilla) based on the situation but here is the list of browser i've used.
  1. Internet explorer
  2. Mozilla firefox
  3. Chrome
  4. Safari
  5. Opera
  6. Avant browser
  7. Maxthon
Finally here is the song which i was listening, Now you enjoy in your browser.....