Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of another greatest journey

Here is the end of 2009. The marvelous days and time of my life. The year really surprised me with the obstacle, made me aware of the realities of my self, gave me so many priceless memories which i always want to live. I have started so many new activities and loosed my patience to continue. I have been away from my blogging for almost 3 month due to my slothful nature. I've been shifted to the new apartment where i always want to be in Japan. Enjoyed the togetherness of the best roommate you can imagine. Took some high decision of my life and progressing towards it. First time in my life got addicted to the game (Mafia wars) ruined my spare times. Thanks to the God, i left it at some logical ending. After being away from my home at last spend Eid at my home. Which is one of the best part of this year. Added the ultimate gadgets on my Gadget yard. Never to forget some moments that was really freaking hard for me to live. Saw some really good serials and movies. Started doing some exercise and ended it so early.
These are some of the fact i am sharing for now. I really don't know what exactly i wanted to share here but posted whatever came in my mind.

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