Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Holidays

Finally today is the last day of extremely fevered holiday of the year, the New Year’s holiday. Well, this is very first time in entire history of my japan holiday when i have nothing to say and share. Why, because of this chilly winter and absence of my beloved trip partners Rakesh (Planner), Tilak, Pranay etc. Thanks to the god that at least I’ve got Syam and Sumit here otherwise i would have been in the living hell. Do you see the image in the left, this was the only fun i had in last one week rest was just like same as usual day. None of the day impressed or fascinated me so far. Now let me explain you in brief what happen in these days.
Actually the story begins from the eve of New Year holiday. Usually this is exceptionally good in Japan and this was the beginning of the end of the fun. This eve used to be the fun, gathering, lots of drink and cherishable moment but it's ended with the bored day and only few people joined. So let’s start day by day activities.
Day 1- The Dawn - Actually the beginning was quite impressive and full of fun. All friends joined me for kamakura trip. This was, i suppose, my fifth trip to the Kamakura. I really like this place. So as usual i was little late, Anju got some lunch stuff for us, Syam was dying to get his chicken burger and so on. We spend almost 6 hours together and played cricket too. One click is shown above. Finally ended with lavish dinner @ my home.
Day 2 - The day destroyer - Spent all my day in sleeping, cleaning my home (I like some hygiene @ my place), cooking food and watching movie and doing nothing.
Day 3 - The invitation day - Finally with some good words in my ear i got invitation from my college senior, Amit, for a royal lunch at his home. There i got company of two of my senior Anurag and Neeraj. The menu was chicken chorma, and biryani with hot roti. Unfortunately Neeraj doesn’t eat non-veg on Thursday and we were teasing him like anything. The taste was awesome. Just after the lunch me and Syam went to Akihabara and he bought good looking, robust Toshiba laptop. Same day i insisted a lot to sumit and other friends for attending countdown at minato-mirai. The day was breezing like North Pole of earth. Finally i ended saying i will not be able to make it. First time in history i denied my own excursion plan but sumit had to join this as he communicated the same to others. Bad Anwarul.
Day 3 - The Prayer day - Being Friday i had to go to the mosque for Juma prayer, I had plan to start from home by 11 for mosque and you won’t believe i slept till 11. Thank God we have a mosque nearby my office and by God's grace i made it happen. I was able to attend the prayer. The time i entered my home it was around 3 PM, i got called from sumit, coz i promised him to go to Akihabara with him. The day went bad as most of the shops were closed but they got some exciting offers from remaining one. Sumit finally got his iPhone and Rajesh grabbed 4 camera's (Of course not all for him).
Day 4 - The mix Day - Again I’ve been fortunate enough to get invited at Anurag's home and we had tasty, yummy vegetarian lunch. Just after the lunch i had some other stuff to do. I Jail broke another IPhone taking my count to 6. Then we just arranged our home and gave it all new fresh look.
Day 5 - The mix Day - It's Sunday and i did nothing but watched wwe, cooked lunch, had some evening sleep and now blogging. Entire holiday is finished and i am still struggling to get the big bang.
Tomorrow, the day will again start with same routine. Waking up early morning, running for office and doing work till evening and coming back to home.

Ohh yeah, this was the thrilling story of my holiday. Next week again we are having the long weekend and this time the gun is in Sumit's hand. He has to plan for the excursion and he has to make it bigger.

End of another greatest journey

Here is the end of 2009. The marvelous days and time of my life. The year really surprised me with the obstacle, made me aware of the realities of my self, gave me so many priceless memories which i always want to live. I have started so many new activities and loosed my patience to continue. I have been away from my blogging for almost 3 month due to my slothful nature. I've been shifted to the new apartment where i always want to be in Japan. Enjoyed the togetherness of the best roommate you can imagine. Took some high decision of my life and progressing towards it. First time in my life got addicted to the game (Mafia wars) ruined my spare times. Thanks to the God, i left it at some logical ending. After being away from my home at last spend Eid at my home. Which is one of the best part of this year. Added the ultimate gadgets on my Gadget yard. Never to forget some moments that was really freaking hard for me to live. Saw some really good serials and movies. Started doing some exercise and ended it so early.
These are some of the fact i am sharing for now. I really don't know what exactly i wanted to share here but posted whatever came in my mind.