Friday, July 24, 2009

The other side of me

This time the wind is blowing in little different direction. I am not gonna blog about my travelogue, guitar practice or something that is happening in the world but this time it is completely out of the box. This happened when my heart took over the control of my mind and my hands started being creative. The time was very different and generally rares in my day to day life. I did drawing which i used to do in my child hood. The drawing seems not to be good but the essence was very different. The drawing was reflecting Mt. Fuji of Japan with Taj Mahal of India. The two corner side of the paper had my company NEC's headquarter and the Pagoda of Japan. The travesty happen when at the top of the Fuji i was trying to put some birds but unfortunately i slipped my pen and stretched the line. Now what i should have done.?Gently i transformed the bird into most advanced jet fighter the Sukhoi -47. A hilarius cultural art with lethal weapon of mass destruction. After this i wrote down two "shayari" so called poem. Literally i don't know what is the meaning of it but i just took them out of me. This was the second time when i did this after year 1999 during my high school classes. Well sharing these with you for improving this to perfection and suggesting me what to so with these.

  • This was very first of the twisted one was - " Ek shab ke khumar ne zindagi ne yun angdayi li jaise dil ne jawani ki saari haratein sanwaar li"
  • The Second thought was "Jab kabhi unke anchal ke sayein mein zindagi ne apna saya dekha Meri ruh ne jhuk ke sajde mein bola aye khuda kya yahi tera noor hai".
Frankly speaking i still don't understand why i did this bus the fact is that i really enjoyed doing it. When i be alone in peace, some really good and great ideas come to my mind. May be next time i will come with some better and good one..

Cheers - Anwarul

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