Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Learning Guitar is not as easy as it looks

It's almost a month and i am still struggling to watch my finger playinng on guitar string. Uffff. I am again giving a thought that should i continue or left it like my dream. Hmm. But actually the thing is that when i took something in my hand i like to make sure that it gets finished. The same passion will continue with this Guitar learning session. My plan is that next time when i will go to India i will have something to play and other thing is that many people though that i only bought for the sake of buying the instrument and will not play it later. So i want to make them feel that i can play this man (hehehe). May be it is very difficult task but bolne mein kya jata hai. Frankly speaking i am not trying my best. I start playing when i think so. Now i am thinking to make a 99 days plan for improving my guitar playing skill. My be next time when i blog something about my guitar section i would have great things with me. Also I must convey that Initially my finger was paining a lot but now they became hungry for guitar playing. So it is my job to keep them feeding by playing. :) So Keep going and give me some lessons.

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