Saturday, July 11, 2009

An instant journey of 26 year

It was an instant journey which spans 26 years of my life indeed. The morning of 2nd July turned me to 26. This was neither an easy nor tough way for me. Since all ages the last year of my life was like a bowl of blessings to me. I been blessed with all the happiness that one can ever desires. I been given best of the best opportunity in my career, some really amazing friends that one can think of, colleagues and seniors which can provide guidance to the extent possible, the happiness to my family that I been wished for. I have initiated so many new things and terminated some undesired one. The next year resolution for me is to do something very innovative that may make me, my family and friend proud of. I am thinking of some and may be some day will the idea will knock at my minds door. At the end of the day I bow myself to the God who gave me all this in very early stages of my life. I don’t know what next he has for me. But I can pray and wish that whatever he gave me till date was an unimaginable dream for me. May my God continue to shower his blessing to my family, my friend and all other who are in need for it. Good bye for now and see you soon.

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