Saturday, July 25, 2009

For you thousand time - The kite runner

I had this novel which was suggested by Rakesh. I started reading this but due to some other activities left it in between. Two days back while walking through the Facebook Tashfeen bhai posted about this movie. I was quite surprised and hurried to watch this movie. I watched this movie indeed. The movie was bilingual with Arabic and English but i was enormously helped by the English subtitle.
This movies seems to be the best movie i have seen in near days. The great story has been flawlessly garnished with the beautiful direction, unmatched actors, tearful emotions & happiness and so many untold attributes. The story expressed the passion of a Friend which can go to any extent to fulfills his friends desires, a father who could bury his desire for his son, a leader who bet his life for others, a servant who bows to his master, a son who wish to die to complete duties of his father, the pain of the country and so many other things. The cinematography with the kites are unbelievable and remarkable. The first half of the movie is truly amazing and second half makes it more interesting. The dialogue which was the heart of the movie was "For you thousand time" stated by Hassan and Amir (The character of the movie). I haven't read the novel so may not be able to compare it with movie at this moment. The soul dialogue of the movie which made mark was the time when Amir told a story to Hassan where Hassan used to be storyteller in movie. The story starts like " There was a man who has the ability that when he cries his tears will convert into the peals. In order to get pile of pearls he killed his wife. Then hassan asked him if he just wanted to make himself cry why he killed his wife he can have a piece of onion to make himself cry". The story and scene is far more beautiful than i am writing here. I am not only suggesting but insisting you to watch this movie. Well i am going to have my eye on the second novel of the remarkable Khaled_Hosseini i.e. "A thousand splendid suns" and later will wait for the ultimate movie out of it.

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