Sunday, July 12, 2009

Delhi 6 - Best out of worst

"Delhi 6" movie was directed by the one who made a revolutionized movie called "Rang de Basanti" and was released somewhere in feb 2009. Delhi 6 is also known as a place called "chandni chowk" in Delhi. Local review of this movie was not that good and criticized very heavily. But shuffling through the torrent yesterday i found a good print of this. I insisted myself to download this movie. I am watching this movie while writing this blog. Frankly speaking the movie is very slow and really don't have any gripping moment. Having concept of some stupid kala bandar (black monkey) with communal riots. But there are some dialogue which are really heart touching and funny. speaking of which i am summarizing some dialogue below but will not recommend you to watch this movie.

  1. The very first was stated at very beginning of the movie when Abhishek bacchan came to Delhi 6. There some jalebi wala's was offering him jalebi and Rishi kapoor told the jalebi wala that he is now hungry. The jalebi wala replied very nicely that " bhuk mitane ke liye toh kutte khana khate hai, insaan khate hai rishtey banane ke liye"
  2. Second was when Waheeda rehman buying some stuffs for her funeral. Then Abhishek bacchan quated that " Hum kaise paida honge yeh tay nahi kar sakte but kaise jayenge yeh toh plan kar sakte hai" this was really a good one.
  3. Then the two smart kids. They heard that there is rumour that all men go to some girl who used to clean the localty. They wen to the girl bluntly said that " Hey humein bhi mard bana do". This shot was really funny shoot.
Ultimately i did not enjoyed the movie and it is finished now and Ahishek bacchan is dead. what the hell yaar. He should have died before so that movie could have finished earlier. lol.

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