Saturday, July 25, 2009

For you thousand time - The kite runner

I had this novel which was suggested by Rakesh. I started reading this but due to some other activities left it in between. Two days back while walking through the Facebook Tashfeen bhai posted about this movie. I was quite surprised and hurried to watch this movie. I watched this movie indeed. The movie was bilingual with Arabic and English but i was enormously helped by the English subtitle.
This movies seems to be the best movie i have seen in near days. The great story has been flawlessly garnished with the beautiful direction, unmatched actors, tearful emotions & happiness and so many untold attributes. The story expressed the passion of a Friend which can go to any extent to fulfills his friends desires, a father who could bury his desire for his son, a leader who bet his life for others, a servant who bows to his master, a son who wish to die to complete duties of his father, the pain of the country and so many other things. The cinematography with the kites are unbelievable and remarkable. The first half of the movie is truly amazing and second half makes it more interesting. The dialogue which was the heart of the movie was "For you thousand time" stated by Hassan and Amir (The character of the movie). I haven't read the novel so may not be able to compare it with movie at this moment. The soul dialogue of the movie which made mark was the time when Amir told a story to Hassan where Hassan used to be storyteller in movie. The story starts like " There was a man who has the ability that when he cries his tears will convert into the peals. In order to get pile of pearls he killed his wife. Then hassan asked him if he just wanted to make himself cry why he killed his wife he can have a piece of onion to make himself cry". The story and scene is far more beautiful than i am writing here. I am not only suggesting but insisting you to watch this movie. Well i am going to have my eye on the second novel of the remarkable Khaled_Hosseini i.e. "A thousand splendid suns" and later will wait for the ultimate movie out of it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The other side of me

This time the wind is blowing in little different direction. I am not gonna blog about my travelogue, guitar practice or something that is happening in the world but this time it is completely out of the box. This happened when my heart took over the control of my mind and my hands started being creative. The time was very different and generally rares in my day to day life. I did drawing which i used to do in my child hood. The drawing seems not to be good but the essence was very different. The drawing was reflecting Mt. Fuji of Japan with Taj Mahal of India. The two corner side of the paper had my company NEC's headquarter and the Pagoda of Japan. The travesty happen when at the top of the Fuji i was trying to put some birds but unfortunately i slipped my pen and stretched the line. Now what i should have done.?Gently i transformed the bird into most advanced jet fighter the Sukhoi -47. A hilarius cultural art with lethal weapon of mass destruction. After this i wrote down two "shayari" so called poem. Literally i don't know what is the meaning of it but i just took them out of me. This was the second time when i did this after year 1999 during my high school classes. Well sharing these with you for improving this to perfection and suggesting me what to so with these.

  • This was very first of the twisted one was - " Ek shab ke khumar ne zindagi ne yun angdayi li jaise dil ne jawani ki saari haratein sanwaar li"
  • The Second thought was "Jab kabhi unke anchal ke sayein mein zindagi ne apna saya dekha Meri ruh ne jhuk ke sajde mein bola aye khuda kya yahi tera noor hai".
Frankly speaking i still don't understand why i did this bus the fact is that i really enjoyed doing it. When i be alone in peace, some really good and great ideas come to my mind. May be next time i will come with some better and good one..

Cheers - Anwarul

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter - The blood sucker prince

It 1 am in the night and i am not able to hold my self to blog away after watching the movie "Harry potter and the half blood prince". The story began when the five of us Me, Hitesh, Sunil, Tilak and pranay planned to experience our first ever movie in Japan. Without doubt we selected Harry potter and the half blood prince. Well well, the movie name required to be changed from The half blood prince to The blood sucker prince. Continiuosly we bored for most of the time. Some of the animation of movie was really unmatched like previous series which i really admire. I used to enjoy Harry Potter with full velocity but from last series "The order of the phoenix" i an being get down in every front. But my main motive and attraction was to experience the movie in the world biggest screen with 3D IMAX motion. The first 12 minute of movie was breathtaking with it's rich 3D motion. It was ultimately a different experience to watch 2D movie in 3D motion. But this was not the end. Once 3D was finished i was astonished to see the crystal clear quality of the movie and thrilling sound created by IMAX. It seems that i am watching the movie in some best quality plasma HDTV. The contrast, brightness and color was mind blowing. We spend around 2200 yen for movie which is equivalent to 22 dollar and was quite expensive. I must say that i will associate only 1 dollar with the movie but the rest 21 dollar for the greatest experience of my life. I will not recommend to see the movie but to experience the theatre. May be next time i will go for some good action movie.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Delhi 6 - Best out of worst

"Delhi 6" movie was directed by the one who made a revolutionized movie called "Rang de Basanti" and was released somewhere in feb 2009. Delhi 6 is also known as a place called "chandni chowk" in Delhi. Local review of this movie was not that good and criticized very heavily. But shuffling through the torrent yesterday i found a good print of this. I insisted myself to download this movie. I am watching this movie while writing this blog. Frankly speaking the movie is very slow and really don't have any gripping moment. Having concept of some stupid kala bandar (black monkey) with communal riots. But there are some dialogue which are really heart touching and funny. speaking of which i am summarizing some dialogue below but will not recommend you to watch this movie.

  1. The very first was stated at very beginning of the movie when Abhishek bacchan came to Delhi 6. There some jalebi wala's was offering him jalebi and Rishi kapoor told the jalebi wala that he is now hungry. The jalebi wala replied very nicely that " bhuk mitane ke liye toh kutte khana khate hai, insaan khate hai rishtey banane ke liye"
  2. Second was when Waheeda rehman buying some stuffs for her funeral. Then Abhishek bacchan quated that " Hum kaise paida honge yeh tay nahi kar sakte but kaise jayenge yeh toh plan kar sakte hai" this was really a good one.
  3. Then the two smart kids. They heard that there is rumour that all men go to some girl who used to clean the localty. They wen to the girl bluntly said that " Hey humein bhi mard bana do". This shot was really funny shoot.
Ultimately i did not enjoyed the movie and it is finished now and Ahishek bacchan is dead. what the hell yaar. He should have died before so that movie could have finished earlier. lol.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

An instant journey of 26 year

It was an instant journey which spans 26 years of my life indeed. The morning of 2nd July turned me to 26. This was neither an easy nor tough way for me. Since all ages the last year of my life was like a bowl of blessings to me. I been blessed with all the happiness that one can ever desires. I been given best of the best opportunity in my career, some really amazing friends that one can think of, colleagues and seniors which can provide guidance to the extent possible, the happiness to my family that I been wished for. I have initiated so many new things and terminated some undesired one. The next year resolution for me is to do something very innovative that may make me, my family and friend proud of. I am thinking of some and may be some day will the idea will knock at my minds door. At the end of the day I bow myself to the God who gave me all this in very early stages of my life. I don’t know what next he has for me. But I can pray and wish that whatever he gave me till date was an unimaginable dream for me. May my God continue to shower his blessing to my family, my friend and all other who are in need for it. Good bye for now and see you soon.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Learning Guitar is not as easy as it looks

It's almost a month and i am still struggling to watch my finger playinng on guitar string. Uffff. I am again giving a thought that should i continue or left it like my dream. Hmm. But actually the thing is that when i took something in my hand i like to make sure that it gets finished. The same passion will continue with this Guitar learning session. My plan is that next time when i will go to India i will have something to play and other thing is that many people though that i only bought for the sake of buying the instrument and will not play it later. So i want to make them feel that i can play this man (hehehe). May be it is very difficult task but bolne mein kya jata hai. Frankly speaking i am not trying my best. I start playing when i think so. Now i am thinking to make a 99 days plan for improving my guitar playing skill. My be next time when i blog something about my guitar section i would have great things with me. Also I must convey that Initially my finger was paining a lot but now they became hungry for guitar playing. So it is my job to keep them feeding by playing. :) So Keep going and give me some lessons.