Sunday, June 21, 2009

Want to have this skill and working on it.

Oops, first watch his guitar this is called "Harp guitar". Having all together innovative design. How beautifully he is matching strings and also his hand beats over the guitar. I saw some of "Andy Mckee" guitar playing video on YouTube. He is really an amazing guitarist. Watch this one. This is really soothing one.

What the Hell is this?

I don't have words to express my feeling. Whether this guy is playing with string of guitar or string is playing with his finger. This seems like game 'i spy you". I dont know much rule of playing guitar, but here i am damn sure that he is the one who is creating his own rule. Watch this man..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

String of my life

Welcome to my life page.
When i was a child i had a bag full of dreams. Some was to fly in the sky, to roam around the world, to live outside my home town, enjoying international Job, earning money and so spending them to full my dreams. The one which was ultimately different was to skilled my self in a music instrument that blow out my mind. The characterstics of instruments was that it can be handled easily, should be light in weight and can give smooth, fine, as well as energetic rhythem. The one i wished was and suites perfect was accoustic Guitar. I never thought that God will give me opprtunity to realize all my dreams so soon. Yesterday another opportunity nocked my door and asked me that why dont you include a srting in your life. This dream accelareted when rakesh bought one guitar here in Japan some time ago. I had my hands on his guitar felt like this is the one which has to be mine as soon as possible. My fingers was starving for strings. But i was pretty slow to decide that whether i should posses this or not due to time and some other factors. But the basic instinct does not allowed to hold my self so long. Last week i visited some of shops here in kawasaki to own one guitar but none of them felt good in my fingers. This saturday i was pretty sure that whatever be the situation i am gonna have one good for my fingers and here is the heavenly beauty. All my own guitar. The lumber one. So now i am learning this with soft pace with help of a really good DVD. Wish me luck for this. I hope that very soon i will be skilled enough to play something. I will keep posted to you guys as new things will happen. Good bye for now have to go for practice. :)