Sunday, May 17, 2009

Working holiday in India

Wooooooo. After nine month of working, living in entirely different world, breaking all rule of my discipline, cooking day in and out,watching all the serials which might have never seen, Making most of what is available and making new but really great Friends, spending money like hell, looking for new thing the time finally come when i can spare my two weeks with my family and some of my close to heart friends. Being on site the most difficult thing is to get holiday coz u don't have much in pocket. After 9 month i bagged only 5 leaves. But thanks to Japan government who has the policy of golden week which is government holiday. Considering both i managed to get 2 weeks of holiday. 25th April the day when i left Japan soil for my own India. It was raining cats and dog that day. I fly for more than 8 hours and landed to India. Thing were looking really different. My Mummy, Papa and Uncle was waiting for me at the airport to receive me. I was really glad to see them after long time. Then we routed for Chandni chowk where we stayed for 2 days. We did lot of shopping. I enjoyed lot of mughlai dishes and and eating like i was starving from my birth. on 27th we left for Mirzapur my native place which is at equidistant from Allahabad and Varanasi in Utter pradesh. I have booked the food menu for all day during my stay. My father who really wants me to eat so much added so many additional things. I have no choice but to accept it conditionally. My mummy who is really a great cook cooked so much for me. I ate beyond my limits and gained really too much weight in 2 weeks. I took little gifts for my relative from japan and distributed them same day. Someone was happy and some one not. It was really getting hot in summer time. I took oath that i will not be out from my home during day time but it was unavoidable. I went out so many time even having heavy restrictions. I didn't realized when time swiped off. I met more than 50 people during that time. Then time comes when i left my town for new Delhi. I was pretty upset coz i was leaving the loved one and at the same time was excited about meeting my great friends. I waited this for long time. Then i met my brother cum friend Nitish, Rakesh, Priya, Vinita, Vimal, my teammates. I had pretty exhaustive day there. I spare some of my fantastic time with Nitish, rakesh and Priya at barista caffe and the time passed in supersonic speed. I went to my privious company and met the old colleagues, my boss and all of us spared a memorable time. Then time comes when i wanted to meet my collage met living in Noida. The venue was fixed to our old adda the great India place at sec-18. Preeti and Jyoti walks in and we shared some time together. But i forgot that the time has changed as my other friends were so busy in doing other things. I realized that the time never be the same. No problem i will always try to preserve the relationship and rest i am leaving to the god. Next day which was Saturday i had to go to chandni chowk to meet my uncle who was coming from Mirzapur to see off me. That was too a struggling day for us. We roam around in market searching for something and finally we came back to hotel with empty hand and then left for IGI airport.

With this i finished my Working holiday in Indian and came back to Japan.....

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