Monday, May 11, 2009

An adventures Journey with Air-India

I have already heard too many nice instances about Air-India but thought the condition will not be that nice. :) Let me explain everything. I was returning to Tokyo from my two weeks cherish able holiday. My flight was from IGI airport New Delhi. The experience started from the moment i entered the queue of Air-India. There were so many passenger and 1 counter was left unattended rest 2 counter was serving both Japan and Dubai flight. I was standing just 3 passenger behind and it took more than 30 minute to reach the counter but this was an acceptable trouble. Now the time comes to fly with Air-India flight number AI 306. Air-India so called the national Carrier of India. Problem started with my LCD which was not working and i complaining endlessly but they tried only once and left with saying that we will do it after serving food. Being a good citizen i accepted this. Then they started serving drink. One person was sitting extreme left of the flight. Hardly i was able to see him but was listening his request. he asked for two drink and later one empty glass. The nice lady answered "You are occupying too much glasses sir". What is this he would have not asked it unnecessarily. Then it comes my turn. I have one glass of orange juice and was starving. She had just passed 2 rows and when i asked her about another one she gave another one with replying "the service is done sir". :). This isn't end here. In night i was thirsty like hell and ask the crew member for a glass of water, some how he arranged 2-3 partially empty bottle and from that he arranges to partially fill one glass water. I was really glad that i got water. next morning i denied to take breakfast and asked for water. Sarcastically she replied "You are drinking too much water sir." What the F***. This was an amazing experience with me. My Friend had served the rotten peanuts made by "Ghasitaram" for air-India. another friend rung bell a lot for service and no one came to help him. This was some of the experienced with great Air-India. Being a great patriot i hope Indian government companies service to benchmark Japanese and achieve that excellence.

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