Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meri mitti mera watan - India

The fragrance of my country India is in my DNA. I can feel it everytime. Being apart from it for almost 8 month i am going to see it again. I am going to my desh (country) India. I will put all my effort to make this one of the best visit to my home. I am waiting for my great and touching relatives, my Friends who really cares about me and so i do. I can not miss to point out the Delicious cuisine cooked by my mummy. She is really a great cook. I know all the great Biryani, Chicken stew, Nihari etc is waiting for me. Don't worry i am comingggg. I will try to recall all those memories that i had in my childhood. But the things which really killing me is the weather of India. OMG it really gets warm during this season. After enjoying really cool weather of Japan (A nice country made by unmatched people) i am scared of India summer time. Don't worry these are also things which i need to enjoy. Well see you soon India.

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