Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The interveiw with God.......

We know that God is the one who created us, know exactly who we are, what we desire, what makes us happy, what makes us sorrow, what makes us smile and what makes us cry. He can give all the happiness to everyone but if he does so wewill never remember him again. That is the nature of human being. We have no boundaries of our wish. What we desire desperately today may become undesirable tomorrow. We wish to posses everything exist in the world. We forget our today to care about the future. We expect so many things form him without paying anything in back. How amazing it would be if we get a chance to talk to the God and know what he thinks about us. Here is the presentation which expresses what all we want to know from God.

Generous courtesy of sharing – My friend Smita chaudhari.

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mama said...

This is an awesum write up. Reminds us why we are here and what for. To show the Love of Christ!