Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lost in the world of dreams

Hello All,
So here is the first thing which i am jotting down after turning my blogs into different shape. This is about the moment when my day turned out to be an ultimate day where i was dreaming all the time. Me Rakesh, Sumit has planned to visit some unique place before they get back to India. Well Mustafa was also supposed to join us but he was a bit tired, so decided to be slept rather than roaming with us. We planned this tour for full week and it was an excursion to the Disney land, Tokyo. We left Kawasaki around 9:00 hrs for Disney land. We cruised for almost 45 minutes and landed there around 10:00 hrs.
Wow, i cant tell you the feeling it was when i entered. I was completely astonished with the things around me, suddenly I've pulled back to my childhood by those BeAuTiful architecture, characters, music, theme park and lot more stuffs. We put robust plan in place to cover everything knowing the fact that it is impossible in one day but we started. I dont like riding but this time i did a lot. Due their 25th anniversary celebration we were fortunate to see the cool pared involving most of the Disney character. That was the most amazing moment of the entire day. We sailed the boat, took ride to the mountain, travel to the space, swirled in the soccer and cup, enjoyed 3D film, horrified in the haunted house, saw the looted things by captain jack sparrow, and finally saw the sparkling pared consisting of millions of light.
There are two places to visit, 1 is Disney land and other is Disney sea. As i have not been to Disney sea so will not be able to describe anything about it but for Disney land some of the information which you must have before visiting is provided below.
Pocket fall: Your pocket will fall by 5800 yen for adults and less than this for child and senior citizen. If you are in NEC headquarter in Japan (Like me) you will be discounted with 400 yen per person.
When u have the ticket and map: Just select the one thing to visit and get the fast pass. coz you need to wait a lot to get entry into any good attraction. so your waiting time will covered to take your next free pass.
My Moments: Click the above posted photo to see most of the attraction at Disney land.
Will be back soon – Anwarul Alvi

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