Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Indian visiting US navy base in Japan!!!

I have always dream to be at the Military base not for war but visiting. :) This saturday when i went to an acupressure clinic with my friend Pranay, i met a very interacting lady who suppose to escort us to the clinic, as usual i started walk the talk. While chatting she told me that the acupressure expert belong to Yokosuka which seems to be the US Naval base in Japan. This is constructed after the world war II. I became very excited and started asking her too many question about it. As a result i get to know that this is open for visitor. She also told me that this sunday is some special day to visit and she send me the map information later that day. I have nothing but to thanks her a lot for the information. I decided to walk myself to Yokosuka-Chuo. I took Keikyu line from Kawasaki and arrive the base Yokosuka at no later than 1400 hrs. Coz this was the timing to close down the entry. I met a japanese commander to enter to the base. As usual due to his communication problem i've been transfered to an american commander and the worst thing appeared. He explained me that the entry is only limited to those who have any sponsor within the navy base. Which means any friend, relative who can escort the visitor and keep and eye on the visitor. I tried all my trick even i was ready to handover him all my id credentials but he was help less. The commander tried too. Then i had no choice but to have visual from outside. I moved to nearest mall (Spy see) and saw the Navy ship, Submarine and felt how good it would be from inside. I had nothing but to stare it lot through by any means. I used a binocular too, which was available at the shopping mall to see base and for which you need to pay just 100 Yen. There was a cruise ship to sail you around the island but that was closed. I didn't realized and spent 1 hrs. Then i enjoyed a kids show running inside the mall for 10-15 min. Having some walk around i found a replica of "Statue of liberty" standing tall at an Irish pub and looked so weird. The weather was so cloudy and beatuful and resisting me to not leave the place. After spending more than 2 hrs i decided to move back to my home town. Yeah it was a good day indeed.

Click here to find some of the exciting pics of the visit.

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