Monday, March 02, 2009

Here i am with all new feel and Sense

When i started my blog i was absolutely certain that this will be dedicated to my old buried hobby of photography only. But as i moved along with the days, the limits and boundaries always pinched me to expand the horizon of my blog. We know the evolution is the only way of moving ahead and joining hands with others. Ages are evident that those who didn't change, fallen with time and lost themselves in deep whirlpool of time. Here i am turning my blog to all new different way of looking, feeling and sensing things. The new  blog will try to reflect all new fresh style, feeling, senses, emotions and happenings. Thing will be looked  
 in different way. One thing which i can promise is that the photography will not go away but will come with new style and much more better way.
It was a great support from all of you till now for visiting my blog frequently and believe me i owe you all for this. So keep looking for this space coz so many things are waiting to be happen and taking place in my blog.
- Your Friend Anwarul Alvi
Pics courtesy - Rakesh

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